Would You Want Any 2022 Coaching Candidates over Robert Saleh or any Rookie QB Over Zach Wilson?

Discussion in 'New York Jets' started by The Dark Knight, Jan 11, 2022.

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    Ulbrich was definitely terrible, to the point where I thought Saleh should replace him even. LaFleur found his footing after a tough start, and now I consider him the best part of the staff. Saleh himself can't be judged yet. He was a leader of a very young team that was filled with injuries. 4 wins is bad, but the atmosphere around the team started to feel better. I give him credit for that. He just needs to start winning in 2022.

    So there was no Offensive Coordinator in SF then? LaFleur and McDaniel worked together while Shanahan called the plays and lead everything? That is interesting.
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    I’m super curious how Daboll will turn out as the HC…I give him a lot of credit for developing Josh Allen so I’m going to see what he does with Jones…

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