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Discussion in 'New York Jets' started by Brook!, Apr 25, 2020.

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    You are acting like the Jets passed on a WR (our guy) that they valued for a Qb who they have no belief in. A Qb that you may not like, but had interviews with 14 teams + some believe has the best raw arm talent in this draft. If they waited to select him in rd. 5, he wouldn’t be there.

    Also realize after passing on WR at pick 124 for a Qb, the Jets proceeded to pass on WR at picks 129, 158... and most of the bigger ones were still around - gandy-golden, people-jones, etc..

    In the end, you gotta think the Jets did not have these guys graded as high as some of us fans did.
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    Even with Mims the wr room is dreadful
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    You are setting the bar too low my friend..I am expecting enough wins, 8-10 to qualify for WC (now with 6 Slots available) in Playoffs and I am only 1 or 2 wins above what your calling for

    Why? Gase in year 2 has something to prove as HC or he could be dumped, Sam is in his 3rd year, L Bell finally has a an O Line to block for him, good receivers even before draft, excellent D coached by Williams, and like you said major upgrades all around

    My goodness, Chicago and Trubitsky got to Rnd 1 last year ! and there is no reason we cant either

    In short I am sick and tired of "waiting till next year":mad:
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    Just goes to show how hard it is to totally screw up a draft. Jets have been good at it for the last decade plus but that's an aberration, not the norm.
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    I didn’t hear from one talking head during or after, why did they take him or that just doesn’t make sense, which for the Jets is a step in the right direction.
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    You and me both.. However, I willing to give Gase one last mulligan in 2020. I say this because you just can't throw 53 guys together, dress them up in the same uniform and expect a well oiled machine as a result. That will take time and familiarity with each other. They're gonna have to learn how to play together, win together and yes, lose together.

    I didn't factor in 6 slots available as I didn't know that had been finalized. The X-factor is that even though the Jets upgraded, the other teams in the division except for NE also upgraded so it becomes relative. We all know what GW's defense is capable of. Shine the light on Gase and his offense as the barometer how far this 2020 team goes.
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    I know there is a lot of excitement about the draft, and I am excited as well, but we will just have to wait and see if it pans out. It could be justified or could be as bad as our previous drafts or worse. Can't wait to find out though!

    Take Mims for instance. Everyone says he is a steal, and I'd like to hope so as well, but if he were such great talent, would JD gamble by trading down 11 spots? When you feel strongly you are likely getting WR1 you don't trade down 11 spots from #48. JD felt it was better to improve your odds of success by drafting multiple guys, even if it meant losing Mims. Thankfully we got both.

    On the QB situation, I really feel like JD wanted to have talent at back-up, since our offense allowed more points than it scored with Sam out last year (i.e was worse than useless), but didn't want to spend $ and 5-6 mil in CAP room for a good quality veteran back-up for next few years (not just this year, but maybe more so next one, when JD is gearing to make a splash), that's why he drafted Morgan. We will still get some veteran on the cheap this year. Also, the jury is still out on Sam, having another talented youngster at QB back-up spot is not a terrible idea at this point. Largely though I feel this pick is to save 5 mil of CAP, which hopefully will be used to get some impact players.

    Similar story I feel is with the punter. How many times are we pinned inside the 10, then punt and end up giving opponents a ball near midfield? This problem is now (fingers crossed) instantly solved at a very cheap price. From what I am reading the punter we drafted set NCAA records. Since punting abilities translate very well in NFL, if we can pick up one of the best punters in NCAA history (not just this year) with a 6th round pick, which will give our defense room for extra down or two on many possessions without taking much CAP room, it's a pretty good deal.
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    Pretty sure I was here when Mangold & Brick were drafted, but maybe that was the last class that had true optimism? IDR but this weekend was definitely a breath of fresh air.
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    I'm not expecting to make the post season in '20 but if they do compete for a spot I think their best shot is the division, not a WC spot. NE will take a huge step back this year. If Miami goes with Tua day 1 they will likely have growing pains while he learns to play at the next level. That opens the door for either Buffalo or the Jets to take the division.

    Even with 3 WC spots if you look at the rest of the AFC I don't see the Jets competing for a WC spot unless Clev fails to improve or two of the 3 AFC south teams noted below shit the bed.

    AFC West... KC, Den and LV are LOADED with offensive talent. All 3 have a legit shot at the post season and I think all 3 make the post season.
    AFC North.. Balt and Clev have the talent to compete for the division and WC spots. I think Cinn will have growing pains (ala Miami) and I have no idea what to think with Pitt.
    AFC South..Hou, Tenn and Indy all have the ability to compete for the division or WC although I suspect there won't be a WC here
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    I am happy we got Mims, and I think the trade back to 59 tells me JD knows something about Mims that maybe a lot of the others don't. And the clip I saw where he tells Mims to play with chip on his shoulder supports that. What I don't get is why so many wanted to stock up on WRs in the draft. i think our receiving corps is actually pretty good now, when you include TEs Herndon and Griffin, two big targets that Sam has developed good rapport with. Many young QBs make their bones throwing to TEs and I think some may be overlooking that.
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    I agree I was initially a bit letdown they took a safety. It seemed like a BPA pick which was fine after directly attacking two needs. I think what was smart was they traded down so they could afford to take this “luxury pick” at safety. Who knows though if Adams and Maye are even on the team in 2 years and I think Gregg Williams gets this guy involved in day 1.

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