Week 16 vs Pats

Discussion in 'Buy/Sell Tickets' started by jetlife21, Dec 1, 2014.

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    Have season tickets? Extra tickets? Discusted with the teams on field performance? Don't want to freeze your ass off December 21st to see this horrible team lose one last time at home?

    Seeing if there's any fellow Jets fans on here willing to sell some good tickets face value..or if your feeling the holiday spirit, discounted tickets. I'll probably hit Stubhub for the game if not, but figured a post here well in advance of the game wouldn't hurt.

    Looking for two tickets for my girlfriend and I. I could use Paypal. I live in CT about 2 and a half hours away from Metlife..anyone within half hour to 45 mins I could pick them up.

    I want to see the team in person this year and would be honored to be in attendance for Rex Ryan's last game at home as Head Coach which is why I want to make it to this game.

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