Webb Passing Siemian on depth chart?

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    It seems like the 'others' in this debate (Bowles, LC111,) don't seem to realize that they're pretty much on the same page (that NE's early round pick history isn't the greatest).

    My first 'intro' to a current copy & paste know-it-all (and his pal) came a while back when they were kind enough to snidely lecture me about the rewards of tanking for high draft picks--forget about the habitually successful teams drafting outside the top 10. Anyway, it's interesting to note that New England's 1st round draft pick last year (Isaiah Wynn, OT, Ga.) was lost for the season and never played. And in addition, Nate Solder went to the NYG. Imagine the Jets losing their top pick for the entire year after losing their starting LT to free agency and the resulting TGG fallout. So, they ended up winning another Super Bowl with:

    LT - Trent Brown: 7th rd. pick by the Niners in 2015 (just signed $66m contract with the Raiders; Isaiah Wynn to replace).
    LG - Joe Thuney: 3rd rd. pick by New England in 2016.
    C - David Andrews: UDFA pick by New England in 2015 (PFWA All-Rookie team)
    RG - Shaq Mason: 5th rd. pick by New England in 2015.
    RT: Marcus Cannon: 5th rd. pick by New England in 2011.

    Key OL reserves: LaAndrew Waddle (claimed off waivers from Detroit); Ted Karris (6th rd. pick by New England in 2016).

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    @KurtTheJetsFan threatens to leave the board at least three times a year. He’s not going anywhere.
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