Stevie Johnson shut down.

Discussion in 'New York Jets' started by Milliner is your Mommy, Sep 9, 2012.

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    Hint: you two aren't disagreeing about what you think you are.

    Still don't get it? I got your back. He is saying even bothering to bring up the fact is not worth it. We know Revis will own mst guys on their good days. A guy who isn't 100% is an afterthought against Revis.

    That is why Stevie Johnson scored after Revis left. At 90% or whatever he is still a good WR who can beat coverage. Just not against Revis.
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    What I take away from this thread and the game.
    *Jets fans still argue with each other when we win
    *Revis had a good game
    *Stevie Johnson played in the game, so he was all in. (100% or 30%, HE STILL PLAYED)
    *The Bills still cant seem to stay on the field (Jackson, Nelson)
    *The Bills front 4 was a non factor
    *Fitz is a 3rd string QB
    *The Bills are reaching for relevence, overpaying guys who dont performe or cant stay on the Field.
    *Fuck the Bills

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