Somebody should sue the Jets

Discussion in 'Jets Experience' started by Brook!, Dec 4, 2013.

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    I am not a season ticket holder yet. I am considering it for next year. I try to go to games whenever I can. Even when I don't go to games, I still check the ticket prices and watch the trend.

    We lost to Dolphins last Sunday and check stubhub now for Raiders game.

    A lot of single tickets and even whole rows are on sale.

    Check this link

    Upper sideline and row 25. Total 20 tickets on sale.

    Jets are charging 50 USD per game for season ticket holders and they are now dumping their on hand tickets for 15 bucks less and basically fucking their season ticket holders.

    How can they do that?

    You are selling tickets to your season ticket holders for 50 bucks and than dumping your remaining tickets for less and basically not giving any chance to your Season ticket holders a chance to sell their tickets without losing any money.

    This is shame. Such a shame.
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    Well now if U feel so strongly about the matter why do U not hire the attorney & begin the case & then see how much support U get from other NYJ fans? :sad:
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    I'd recommend buying single game tix. Go to the games you can make it to, no hassle with selling tix to games you can't make it to, no seat license fee, can usually get good deals on tix as the date gets closer and people are trying to dump their tix, you're always sitting in a new spot in the stadium, and if you wait till close enough to the day of the game check out the weather reports to see if you're going to freeze your butt off in 10 degree temps and 20mph winds. And if we continue our downward spiral, tickets should keep getting cheaper.

    p.s. I can't imagine you could sue the Jets, their policy is stated up front so you know what you are getting into. If you don't like the policy, don't buy the tix.
  4. Mitch_Dumstein

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    Don't know. ..I sold the one ticket to one game this season face value 145 for 265 net and got 290 and 325 for two games last year...not much of a hassle at all frankly.

    Thankfully I didn't make the hideous choice of buying in the UD though
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    I have UD seats and almost always get at least face back.

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