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Discussion in 'Jets Experience' started by section331flagman, Sep 1, 2013.

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    I grew up watching the pre game shows, especially before I got season tickets which was when I was 18. Anyway, when I'm at the game I want to listen to pre game....Buttle, Lucas, Larry Hartesty etc.... No one else does. They want to listen to music and bullshit about nothing, their boring lives. So I end up walking around with ear buds in to my I phone listening it to it myself....unless its my turn to drive, then I just blast 98.7 for 5 hours.

    When we are on the road and I invite people over,again I like to watch CBS pre game, there are pre-game scratches, injuries, etc.... No one listens, except me, and I just get pissed off. Then everyone tells me that " I'm crazy" can anyone understand my point here? Am I being irrational? I wait all week for the game, andon game day I don't give a rats tail about my best friends kids.......sue me!
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    I am the same way ... I love listening to the pregame shows and usually will flip around between cbs, fox, espn, nfl network
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    Pregame shows just make me more anxious for the start of the game. Usually, I wake up and pace about my house for about 2 hours, go to Publix and the game usually starts by the time I get back. Or I fuck up with time and have to rush my ass back home. So I get what you're doing. You gotta get in the zone and know all the in's and out's before our boys take the field on game day.

    This is New York Jets football, son. We come to play and we come to win.
  4. Jets Esq.

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    Yeah, I think the more casual fans probably don't get it, and just think of games as an excuse to hang out with friends ("Ok Sally, I'm gonna go over to Fred's and 'watch the game', and eat 47,000 calories worth of nachos. Have fun taking the kids to church.") It's more surprising that your season ticket holder friends don't want to listen to the pre-game shows, I would think that they would be a lot more interested in the team!
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    The only problem I see with this is I like to kick out the Jams before going in. The pregame can definitely get you pumped, but so can Pantera.

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