No Delete Function in PMs . . . ?

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    @FJF said it was OK to start a thread on this, so here it is. A copy and paste job/cross post(s):

    I thought to start a new unnecessary thread just to annoy @FJF, but I guess I'll just put it here in the spirit of the New Year. OK, so I wanted to weed out and delete some conversations where I talked shit about a bunch of people - gossip, backstabbing, sex re-assignment surgery, that sort of thing - and I can't find the delete function . . .? I'm probably looking in the wrong place and/or it's right front of me, but artists, techno-tard, can't find my way out of a paper bag, all of that. For example, I checked off a conversation and a box comes up with a drop-down list, none of which includes the option to delete a conversation. I know the Politburo reads our PMs anyway, but where's the damn delete function now?

    From Russia with love,

    Are you having difficulty accessing the forum at times?


    So to delete them you have to first copy them, paste them all into a post in this thread. From there you will be able to edit them out to a blank post. You have to wait 24 hrs after posting them to edit them though.
    Try it and let me know how it works
    Ps, this deserves its own thread

    Are you having difficulty accessing the forum at times?


    You're pulling my chain, right? Copy paste wha . . . ? I'm very gullible about stuff like this. I'm a genius about in-person body language, though, so don't ever try to punk me in person. I mean, you can't fool me with that middle finger, buddy.

    OK, thread permission granted from the Thread Meister. I'll go do that.

    Are you having difficulty accessing the forum at times?

    So I went and did it.

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