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Discussion in 'Draft' started by ManchesterChris, Apr 24, 2020.

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    Well, it was past 2.30am when the eleventh pick was revealed but it was worth waiting up for. I have to say that, given the circumstances, it was an extremely professional show, much better than we put on for our iconic sports events over here. We don't have drafts, as you know, but maybe we should as it's a compelling television event in its own right.

    In my early days of following the NFL, the biggest personality was William Perry so it's fair to say I have a fascination for huge, mobile linemen. Perhaps Mekhi could have a second career as a fullback too. Sad that the once invincible Refrigerator hit hard times and is in a nursing home. He was instrumental in popularizing the NFL in the eighties over here and he's fondly remembered. So you can imagine my pleasure when we drafted huge, quick Becton this morning. He towers over his parents who aren't exactly lightweights themselves. I'm no expert but it seems to me the best first round option for us. Look forward to him knocking a few over when the season eventually starts. Assume another offensive lineman or WR in the second round? Another late night tonight....Hope you're all safe and well
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    Get involved in the draft forum Chris, hardly anybody will see your post in here, maybe @Brook! will move it into a relevant thread :)

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