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Discussion in 'Draft' started by 73klecko, May 3, 2019.

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    I'm sure Trevon Wesco is a great kid. And he looked good on tape as a blocking TE. But a 4th rounder on a blocking TE???

    The Patriots found Trey Flowers & Shaq Mason in the 4th round. Lets find a guy who can fill a full-time position.
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    Edoga would be least favorite pick but I still like the pick. I did not like taking a guy who allegedly lacked work ethic. I understand he has first round talent and is worth the gamble but the likelihood of him working out is slim.

    Contrast that with the Austin pick. I love the Austin pick. The guy has amazing upside for a 6th rounder. That's what you want in a 6th rounder. He has 1st or 2nd day talent. He might redshirt the year on the pup list but that is fine as cbs take time to develop. He was healthy enough to run a 4.65 at his pro day and appears to be way ahead of schedule.

    I love the Cashman pick. He was rated the best ST player in the draft. If he fulfills his st promisd and never plays a down on defense I would be thrilled. But, he is really athletic and can potentially fill Lee's role as a cover lb but he does shy away from contact.

    I loved Q combined with Polite both should help each other.

    I love Wesco. He can move everywhere and Is a perfect player for what Gase does. He was underused as a reciever but he will be loved by Bell and could have a huge impact on the running game and provide a red zone target.

    I was not high on the draft at the time but now I really love it even with Edoga. Let's hope we still love it this fall.
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    So this above is my problem with Macc's drafts every year. I don't like them when they happen but talk myself into liking them. Then reality sets in and they suck. I'm fighting myself hard to discontinue the cycle with this year's draft. I really hope I'm wrong and it doesn't suck but unfortunately history is on my side.
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    LOL.....for the last 40 or so years just about EVERY pick is my least favorite pick.
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    I'd have to say, ironically, my least favorite was Q. Williams. Again, nothing against him personally, and I hope he ends up having a Hall of Fame career with us and makes our defense a perennial powerhouse. But we've needed an edge rusher for almost FIFTEEN FUCKING YEARS! We had a bunch of top prospects right in our lap. And yet again, our GM ignored this and went with a defensive tackle despite this being one of the few positions we didn't need to fill.

    That said, I wasn't entirely impressed with any of the other picks. Hopefully Polite pans out and ends up being a steal, and we won't have to have this conversation next year. And I'm hoping Quinnen makes me eat crow after becoming an impossible to block pass rusher and run stopper.
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    Q was my least favorite pick, but I can't help but really like the guy's attitude and approach to the game. He's very easy to root for.

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