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Discussion in 'New York Jets' started by Royal Tee, Dec 7, 2010.

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    Yeah. The Patriots are the only ones who got away with anything...

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    That is exactly what hes saying. Theres nothing wrong with that mentality at all. Well disciplined teams do not fumble and they do not take a lot of penalties. Thats not crazy at all. Herm Edwards' teams did not take penalties and did not fumble. Bill Parcell's teams did not fumble and did not take penalties. Wade Phillips' teams fumbled and took bad penalties.
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    Run down of patriots penalties this year. I show this because the argument was made the patriots dont commit penalties because they are a dicsiplined team. If this were the case they should never have false starts or delay of game type of penalties.
    Of the 8 holding calls all year 4 of them were called by week 2 or 3 which means they went about ten games being called for like 4 holding penalties.Just had to point out how they almost never get called for a holding penalty amazing for a team that throws 50 times a game

    False start – 12
    Holding (offense) -- 8
    Defensive pass interference – 7
    Holding (defense) -- 4
    Offensive pass interference -- 4
    Block above waist -- 3
    Delay of game – 3
    Encroachment – 3
    Illegal contact -- 3
    Offside -- 3
    Chop block -- 2
    Illegal formation -- 2
    Personal foul -- 2
    Roughing the passer -- 2
    Unnecessary roughness -- 2
    Fair catch interference – 1
    Illegal motion -- 1
    Illegal shift – 1
    Illegal use of hands -- 1
    Intentional grounding -- 1
    Tripping -- 1
    12 men on the field -- 1

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