Kareem Hunt(Merged)... Sign or not to sign, that is the question!

Discussion in 'National Football League' started by Mario, Nov 30, 2018.

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    If I were Goodell I'd suspend him the entire season and tell him if he slips up again he's out of the league for good. If you're in the trouble he's in, you stay out of nightclubs.
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  2. Dierking

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    I never realized there was such an overlap between sports fans and the Moral Majority.
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  3. TonyFtLaud

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    Apr 16, 2016
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    Aren't bars and nightclubs the right place for alcohol treatment? :D
  4. Biggs

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    I'm saying we as a society do accept it. We have something called laws which are based on societal mores. We don't give a shit as a society about abuse. We rubberneck when it's in our face.

    The numbers of abused women in our society is so high and so pervasive we would be building prisons for a very long time if we had a criminal justice system that began to take this seriously.

    At the end of the day as much hand wringing there is about abusing women, it's an accepted part of our culture. So is child abuse. Take a look at what's going on at the border.

    People who play pro-football have a skill. They aren't getting paid to play because it's a privilege. It's a business and the game and skill of the players is central to the business. Billions of dollars are made on these players skill. It's a privilege in this country to be a welder in an auto factory it's also an essential skill. The foreman in an Auto factory shouldn't be deciding when it's an essential skill and when it's a privilege. Workers actually have rights.

    This is a societal problem not a football problem. The Commissioner of Football has zero qualifications to deal with complex societal problems. Hunt should be in jail if there is evidence he assaulted someone and is continuing to mentally and physical assault someone. Period end of story. She should have a restraining order and the local police and courts should enforce it.

    If I worried about the grocery store clerk abusing his wife and kids should I stop buying groceries? The answer is if we accept it for Presidents and religious leaders, the cops, ICE, Senators and Judges our friends and neighbors why wouldn't you accept it of a football player who you watch once a week make plays?

    The problem is we have a justice system Andy Reid isn't the guy who gets to institute Justice in our society. I don't want employers making these decisions. Women have to stop taking it and start demanding justice or simply get out of the relationship. Women won the right to vote, the right to control their bodies and the right to protect themselves. If the law doesn't change to protect them I expect them to start killing their abusers in droves. Abuse stops when those who are abused demand justice. Now when a player starts abusing his fellow players or the staff have at it Andy.
  5. joe

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    Rookies report on the 19th, vets on the 24th. . Hurry sundown.
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    who cares?

    did it happen at work? Did he commit a felony, and then get convicted of it?

    its literally a non story. stop worrying so much about making sure people get punished and live your own damn life.
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    There's alot of truth here.
  8. Big Cat

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    Jun 21, 2013
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    This is outrageous, Goodell needs to discipline Hunt immediately

    *checks schedule, sees Hunt is already suspended for when the Jets play Cleveland*


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