I fear much troulble in the fueselage fredrick!

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    I hate being right . I saw this outcome long before the first snap. The Jets are transparent. soft little dump offs until it was necessary to throw some significant passes. The defense was undressed tonight boy's. the run will be coming and i hope they make the adjustments to handle this. Chad is a warrior but all I know is coming is an injured Quarter back is trying to save face. Damb all the haters who were wishing that Chad gets hurt! Well there you have it the New England first game of the season jinx! We have to beat the Ravens to keep the dream alive period! I don't know if Chad has a twisted (Playable) ankle or not but this sucks as an opener! How do we even stack up against the Ravens!
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    Even if they played well the Jets had at least a 50/50 chance of losing both of these games, so I'm not sure why losing next week means that the dream (whatever that is) is dead.

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