How/Why did you become a Jets fan?

Discussion in 'New York Jets' started by BuddyRyans46, Oct 8, 2018.

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    Oct 4, 2002
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    1. Born in NY.
    2. Namath fan growing up.
    3. Many family member were Dolphin fans (Yes in NY.) and I wanted to be the black sheep.
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    Feb 6, 2010
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    Because of the Patriots and the Giants.

    First game I ever watched was the '85 Super Bowl because it was the first game shown live on British TV. For the next decade and a half I followed football as it became more mainstream in the UK and tried to find reasons to pick a team. Spent several years attempting to convince myself that I was a Raiders fan because a friend at school was a Raiders fan, and because Raiders gear was pretty much ubiquitous back then thanks to the music influences, but it never really stuck.

    Then in 2003 a friend of mine moved to NYC for work, and shortly after I flew out for a long weekend to visit him and see New York for the first time. We met up with a couple of other British guys he knew out there with a plan to spend the weekend drinking, which included Sunday afternoon in a bar watching fat men run into each other. Turns out one of these guys was a Patriots fan, the other a Giants fan, and when they discovered that I was a football fan without a team affiliation they each hopped on a shoulder and started their sales pitch as to why I should pick their team. On and on and on this went all weekend, until Sunday lunchtime arrives and they're still going. I made my excuses for a few minutes, went down to the nearest Modells, bought the first Jets shirt I saw, walked back into the bar wearing it and said "fuck you both, this is my team".

    In the almost two decades that have followed since that weekend the Patriots fan has seen his team win 5 Super Bowls while the Giants fan has had to make do with just 2. Still think I made the right decision though, because sporting allegiances born out of and supported by spite are the best kind. Even when the Jets are shit and there's nothing to like about watching them, I can still take pleasure from hating the teams that are the reason I'm a Jets fan in the first place.
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