Hackenberg/Bates Article on Yahoo

Discussion in 'National Football League' started by championjets69, May 29, 2018.

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    Excelled in the system year 1 at Penn State. Ready to step in when Brady retires....
    Right now someone is typing "championship" on a Pat's forum....
    Imagine the meltdown.......

    Seriously, if it's just Intel gathering, his stay will be short.
    Belichick- So Christian , let's talk about the Jets playbook...
    Hack- I didn't get a playbook. I was still learning how to throw.....
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    I didn't think it was necessary to start a new thread over it, so I just stuck it in here. Hackenberg went to visit the Cheats yesterday. Hahaha. He also only threw one pass during OTAs with the Raiders, and it was a pick 6, lololol.

    EDIT: Oops, TonyFtLaud already beat me. Sorry about that. Agree it's strictly Spy Ops.
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