Government shut down and Debt Ceiling

Discussion in 'BS Forum' started by Biggs, Oct 8, 2013.

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    Brad, spot on. Election Day's pretty much turned into Lemmings-on-Parade.

    (sorry for the sidebar hijack)

    BB, If your unincorporated area north of NYC means West. Co., then good man BB. While I'm registered with the NYS Bd. of Elec. as "no party affiliation" 'Noam' represents a return to another Spano-type bullying/bilking regime if his track recored in New Roc is any indication.
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    The Administration runs the Governing functions. The ACA was passed by the Democrats and is being delivered to the public by a Democratic administration. If they want to make the argument that big government works they better get their shit together fast.

    The Republicans actually did the Democrats a favor with there dumber than shit strategy of shutting the government down. It took peoples eye off the ball of the cluster fuck that the ACA is becoming.

    Its high time that the Democrats make the argument for higher taxes and good governance. We don't have a big window or gobs of money to keep pissing away.

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