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    Seems to be the trend lately so might as well start mine

    Starting Estimated Cap Room 63.5 mil

    Cuts for cap room (6.8)
    GVR (3.5)
    Ryan Griffin (3.3)

    Total Cap room after cuts 70.3 Mil
    rookie pool needed (estimated 15 mil Due to 2 high 1sts)
    total spending power 55. mil (rounded)

    Resigns (14 mil avg)
    feeny 1 year 2 mil
    kroft 2 years 4 mil (2 per year)
    foley 3 years 12 mil (4 per year)
    berrios 3 years 18 mil (6 per year)

    cap left 41 mil

    RFA/ERFAs/Minimums (total about 4 mil for all below)
    jeff smith

    Cap left 37 mil

    players that can walk (bigger names)

    Maye - wants too much coming off an Achilles injury, may not be ready for 2022
    crowder - gonna be 29 and command more then we should pay him as a WR3
    cole - made some nice catches but really a WR4 at best and i'd rather have young people there
    jarad davis - waste of money
    moses - just been ok. rather start building youth. he'll want to start somewhere and we don't have room for that
    LDT - he may retire or want to play for a contender, I don't want to pay a lot for an older player who was solid but not great.

    Free Agency (34 mil total)
    TE schultz 4 years 48 mil (12 mil avg)
    RB Connor 2 years 12 mil (6mil avg)
    K younghoe Koo 3 years 6 mil (2 mil avg)
    RG Laken Tomlinson 3 years 27 mil (9 mil avg)
    S Quandre Diggs 2 years 10 mil (5 mil avg)

    That leaves us with about 3 mil which we'll want to keep for in season stuff. Of course the number can be a little higher based on structure


    Round 1 (4) - Kyle Hamilton (S)
    This obviously depends on what happens before us. Det, Hou, and Jax all pick before us. Det will likely take KT or hutchinson. Jax will take neal. So it depends on houston who will take either haimlton or whatever edge rusher is there. Honestly I think They take the edge leaving us with hamilton and i'm not mad about it at all

    Round 1 (10) (from seattle) - Trade down
    The way I see it, 10 is a good trade down spot.we seen it last year when the giants did it with the bears so the bears could grab fields. was picks 11 and likely takes a QB if one is there they like. I'm thinking at this point only 1 is off the board with den, of course if den gets watson or rodgers that changes this but as it stands now I think with was at 11 and likely only 1 QB before this taken we can find a trade partner. pitt at 20 is possible, so is Phi since they have 3 1st rounders and hurts isn't good. I'm willing to think philly wants to jump division rival wash so they offer 15 and 19 for 10 overall. it's a small overpay but with possibly 3 times bidding (wash would likely bid to move up 1 spot and prevent the block) seems like a deal can get done.

    Round 1 (15) (from philly) - Nakobe Dean (LB)
    At this point i'm pretty sure either dean or lloyd will be available. and honestly at this point not sure which one I prefer. I'd be happy with either one. I think dean fits the fred werner type a little more but both seem to be every down LBers who can QB the defense and do it all. We need mosley's replacement for 2023 and dean is a guy who likely surplants mosley as a rookie. we start 2 anyway so it'll be him and mosley starting

    Round 1 (19) (from philly) - Drake London (WR)
    A big bodied WR who could play outside for us and allow moore to slide inside. Originally I wasn't content with a WR early but in this case it makes sense based on the rest of the draft. mims didn't work out and we need a guy who can catch the balls deep in coverage downfield. he's great at contested catch and gets separation good enough. reminds me playstyle wise of a low budget mike evans

    Round 2 (35) - Cameron Thomas (DE)
    So I need to spend more time looking at edge's overall but so far to me thomas fits the bill best for us. and in the 2nd offers better value then taking karlaftis early. matter of fact i'll make a bold prediction I think he'll be as good if not better of a pro then karlaftis. He's a local boy to my area. went to carlsbad high school and college at SDSU. he's built very similar to karlaftis and he's versatile on the line and is day 1 ready as an edge rusher with plenty of moves and he's more athletic then you'd think. I think this is a steal here and negates the need for a 1st round DE

    Round 2 (38) (from carolina) - trade down
    We don't have a lot of late picks so trading down at some point is very likely and fits the JD MO. trade up early for blue chippers and trade down later for extra picks. I think someone is here for value for somebody and we can probably move down about 4-6 spots for an extra 4th and still get a player we want.

    Round 2 (42-46 range) - Jalen Wydermeyer (TE)
    It's obvious 1 TE isn't enough for us. we need 2. a FA and a draft. I'm not 100% on which one I want there are a few I like so it's another position i'm going to dive deeper in before the draft. But the guy i've liked for a while is wydermeyer. He's the most athletic of the bunch this year and overall probably the best receiver. we already added schultz so with wydermeyer gives us a TE who can go up the seam and allow more 2 TE packages.

    Round 3 (68) - Kylar Gordon (CB)
    again were going heavy on defense. We do need some CB help as well. hall is great, echols has been a pleasent suprise. Carter is a nice nickel and guidry a good dime. after those 4 though we are not looking good. Gordon has all the traits to be a CB1 for us allowing more depth and an upgrade at CB1/2 with hall and echols can move into a reserve role. With that said he's likely to fly up draft boards after the combine and wind up in the 2nd round but for now early 3rd is pretty realistic.

    Round 4 (107) Ed Ingram (RG)
    Not really a JD guy and likely not gonna happen because that. was arrested in 2019 for aggravated sexual assault but charges were dismissed and he was reinstaed. no issues with him since. He's a stout blocker with good enough athletiscm and we can give him time to learn since we'll have tomlinson for at least the next 2 years so he can be a backup for a few seasons but he has starter 2nd round talent that would be value here because off the field issues

    Round 4 (113) - Obinna Eze (OT)
    Massive 6-8 330lb OT with athleticism. a project player who needs to work on technique but it's the 5th round and he has potential to be our starting RT in a couple of years when we move on from fant. Combined with becton thats 700lbs protecting the edges. originally I had him in the 5th but he's been moving up boards lately and it's a weak o-line draft as well so many are likely to go earlier then expected

    Round 4 (110-120) Calvin Austin III (WR)
    A small speedy WR who can play slot or outside. he's basically low budget elijah moore or a jameson crowder type. based on the rest of my offseason he projects to start as the WR5 which is fine as he can refine his game as a rookie.

    Round 5 (144)Trade down
    (this is another prime place to trade down IMO. we can get a 6th and 7th which I have my reasons for)

    Round 5 (161) (From Pitt) - Isiah Pola-Mao S
    A big long safety at 6-4 200lbs who's not quite the athlete that hamilton is but he's smart, can cover deep zones, play the run, and grew up in a football family since his uncle is troy palamalu. I think we can try and develop him but at worst he adds depth to a safety group that was just awful and at this point you take flyers

    Round 6 (from earlier trade down) - CJ Verdall - RB
    Rb is a need for us but not by much. We have carter, connor, and walters so far. adding verdall though to me make sense. he reminds me of a low budget MJD style of runner

    Round 7 (from earlier trade down) - Zander Horvath FB
    I know I know,who drafts a FB? it's an extra pick in the 7th from a trade down and he's the bets one in the draft and MLFs system does like to have a FB who can catch and run and block and horvath is it. he could be our kyle juszczyk. could also be the short yardage up back at 6-3 230lbs.

    Roster (R) = Rookie, (FA) = Free agent


    EDGE Lawson, JFM, Thomas(R), Huff, philips, Blair
    DT Q, Foley, Rankins, Marshall (no change here, none needed)
    LBer Dean(R), Mosley, Sherwood, Quincy, Nasirildeen
    CB Hall, Gordon(R), Carter II, Echols, Guidry
    S Hamilton (R), Diggs (FA), Davis, Palo-mao (R)



    Offense doesn't get as much love in this draft as it's been the focus for the past 2 offseasons but We do get some instant help. Mostly in 2nd round TE wydermeyer. He's an instant upgrade at TE for us and should be better then any TE we've had in the past decade. OG Smith is the perfect RG for us and our scheme and should be an upgrade over LDT who can stay as depth. Cade Otten in the 4th provides depth and an overhaul at TE where 3 of our current 5 TEs should be gone (keep kroft and yeboah). FInally with 2 5th rounders We get a future RT in eze to take over when fant walks in a year or 2 as well as austin III who is the perfect WR3 for our system to take crowders place if he walks. Probably in 2023 though

    QB Wilson, White
    RB Carter, connor (FA), walters, Verdall (R)
    WR Davis, London (R), Moore, Berrios, Austin III (R), Mims, smith
    TE Wydermeyer(R), Schultz (FA), Kroft, Yeboah
    OT Becton, Fant, Edoga, Eze(R)
    OG AVT, Tomlinson (FA), Ingram (R),
    C Mcgovern, Feeny
    FB Horvath (R)


    K Koo (R)
    LS Hennesey
    P Mann
    PR/KR Berrios
    SP/T Hardee


    Notable PS players
    OG Clark
    DE Ward
    CB Pinnock
    DE Zuniga

    Thats a 53 man roster and most of our cap room spent with just enough to work with during the season. We still have another year before we can compete but I feel it's a good improvement.
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    had to split it into 2 because the character limit

    On offense I think moore will be a true WR1 in this league but I like the idea of letting him work the slot the way tyreke hill does, so draft drake london to play outside gives zach 2 big bodies inside and the elusive moore in the slot. Berrios is a great WR4 who reliable and moves the chains and rookie austin has potential to be a future WR for us. mims gets 1 more year to earn his place in the NFL. if he can't i'd be ok moving on. Connor is a hug upgrade at RB to coleman and pairs nicely with carter. He's a great recieving back and a tough runner and a smart vet who can pick up blitzes. i'd like to see him as the 3rd down/short yardage back while carter plays on 1st and 2nd downs. Adding verall to the mix he could wind up adding depth and at worse case better then perine. Adding horvath in the 7th to be our FB could open up the offense more. at TE we shell out the money needed to fix the position. our TEs are trash overall. We shell out money to lure him from dallas and instantly upgrade the TE spot then we draft wydermeyer. those are our top 2 TEs while kroft gives us a known quantity in depth in case wydermeyer struggles as a rookie. On the o-line I went with shelling out money for an instant starter. Tomlinson knows the system well and fits it perfectly and is solid. I took an OG and OT in the mid rounds to be depth for now but who will both hopefully supplant fant/tomlinson in a couple of years and in the meantime provide us some solid depth.

    On Defense I really wanted to address not having playmakers. Taking hamilton just makes sense with our 1st pick. He has troy palamalu potential. he does everything. he's huge, fast, smart, and a good player already that isn't just potential. he's a game changer in the back end who can create turnovers for us. I opted to sign diggs over bringing back maye or joyner. I think maye needs afresh start plus may be injured to start the year. diggs is a smart vet who is solid enough and can be a ballhawk at times. he'll start with hamilton. davis and rookie palo-mao will be the depth guys. I know davis is hated here but I see potential in him he just makes too many mistakes in the run game right now but with another year of a reserve role and practice I think he can take over in 2023. Plus having hamilton to lead the safety group will be a huge help. at the CB group I only added gordon who can push echols for the CB2 job opposite hall and provide depth if hall or echols was to go out. I think we are good at Ni and Dime with carter and guidry so gordon won't be needed a lot as a rookie unless he beats echols but he kicks pinnock off the roster who is awful although did play better at safety so maybe a position switch there. At Lber i grabbed dean in the 1st to be our fred werner for the next decade. whether that works or not who knows but he has that potential. Finally the D-line, not a lot has changed except for adding an edge in the2nd with thomas. So far from what i've seen I don't think there is a drop off between him and karlaftis and I love the value. i think thomas is underrrated. him and lawson coming back plus JFM and huff and phillips and blair should provide a fresh rush with subs in and out like saleh likes. JFM can also slide inside and rush at DT with Q on 3rd downs and lawson/thomas on the outside. that could be a scary rush to face, especially with hall/echols/carter in man and hamilton roving back there waiting to pick a ball off.

    On special teams i shelled out a little for koo. He's not making much and has been great, i think we can lure him away with a little raise. he's 90% on FGs for his career, and 95% on XPs. doens't have a huge leg but very accurate. also he's 11-12 at 50+ so can hit 50 yarders. he's also the best onside kick kicker in the game.
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    Philly would be the dream scenario for us to move down to get into better range to get two offensive players at positions of need and the best defender on the board at 4. But I just don’t see them making that move.

    It’s a down year for quarterbacks and Pickett and Corral are probably the same level rated prospect as Hurts was. They’re just getting jettisoned up in the draft board because they are the best available options at the golden goose position.

    I like them both too, but I liked them a lot more when they were considered developmental third rounders, not keys to the franchise players.
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    First of all, some financial info. According to, our cap space is at $48,448,365, not $63.5 million. Where did you get that figure? They are usually the most up-to-date and accurate with regards to team salary caps, so I believe that your figure is way off.

    Second, I think you're way overpaying Laken Tomlinson. His salary this past season with the Niners was only $5.5 million. You're giving him a huge raise. Do you think thats what it will take to get him to come to NY? Do you see SF, the Jets and maybe another team getting into a bidding war?

    Now to your plan. I like the signing of Schultz, Koo, and Tomlinson. I'm not sure if the Jets will have any interest in Conner, but he could be a good signing. We definitely need another back to pair with Carter. I'm familiar with the name Quandre Diggs, but that's it, so can't comment on him, but like that you signed a S.

    I don't think JD will draft Hamilton, but he is a great prospect and a playmaker, and would make our secondary and defense a lot better. To take him that high, he'd better wind up being an Ed Reed clone, however.

    I like the trade downwith Philly, and really like Nakobe Dean. I like that you changed your mind and took a WR in the 1st round. Kudos to you! Of course, I think Burks is a much better prospect than London, but London is my second choice, and agree that what we need is a tall, big-bodied WR to be a complement to Moore, not a clone. I'm glad that you didn't opt for Wilson or Olave. Good on ya!

    I haven't watched any Thomas video yet, but have seen his name mentioned frequently as one of the better Edge prospects, so I look forward to seeing video of him. I like taking an Edge there.

    I also like the Wydermyer pick, but I'll be surprised if he drops that far.

    I'm not wild about your trade down from #38. I don't see where getting another 4th round pick would be better than staying put and getting another player who will be an upgrade or fill a hole. If there's no player that JD likes at #38, or if there's a groups of about 10-15 players he likes equally, then OK, I can see a trade down, but otherwise, I'd stay put, and if nothing else take Wydermyer there and not risk another team taking him before that lower pick. That's how the Jets missed out on Kamara a few years ago.

    I like that you address RG, S, CB, OT, a second WR, RB and FB with the rest of your picks. Seeing the second WR pick was a pleasant surprise. After you took London in the 1st, I thought that would be it, since you seem to think that our WRs are fine and don't need much of an upgrade.

    Normally, I'm against trading down after the 4th round, because the talent pool has really thinned out, and I think it better to stay put or even move up a little if necessary and take targeted players that have fallen. In this case, I like it because you took Zonder Horvath, FB. I think the following are better RB prospects for the Jets than Verdell: Tyler Allgeier, Tyler Badie, Jerome Ford, Abram Smith, and possibly Hassan Haskins and the Jets will coach the last 4 at the Sr. Bowl. I think it's probably a lock that they take one of them. I don't think they are nearly as high on Walter as you are.

    Overall, great job, and I like that you have a solid rationale for your moves.
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    Hamilton will not be taken at 4.

    For a safety to be taken that high he would have to be guaranteed Ed Reed good. Even then, the Ravens when they got Ed Reed didn’t start their successful runs until they got Flacco. Hamilton might be the 4th best player but that doesn’t mean he’s worth the 4th pick. A good safety is nowhere near important enough position to bring us from 4 wins to being a contender.

    Unless something changes in free agency, the pick at 4 will very likely be a tackle if KT or Hutch don’t fall to them. Becton is a big question mark if he can stay healthy and Fant is only under contract for 1 more year. We can play the rookie tackle at guard in the meantime. Of course Joe Douglas could also trade down. But I think the odds are they grab either Neal or Ekwonu at 4.
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    I can double check the cap number. I went off my last post then added the extra for us releasing shaq lawson. I'll go back and double check it. Still even with less it could get done. we can trim some extra fat and structure contracts to be more backloaded. especially if we have replacements for tomlinson and fant lined up and mosley likely gone in 2023 we can push extra cap there knowing we'll free up that money later

    as far as tomlinson I do think he'll get a raise. he'll want a payday. he's outplayed his contract and it might take some extra to lure him away from SF. it's a weak market and weak draft overall for o-line so I do think he'll get around that range . priced have also gone up since his last payday. current contract doens't always equal market value. of course it's an estimate and I could be wrong but only time will tell.

    diggs is the seattle safety. originally was with detroit then went to seattle he plays opposite adams and for all intents and purposes had a better season then him. doesn't mean he's a better player but he's a solid vet and we need some veteran leadership in the young secondary IMO

    JD usually targets the lines early on and believes games are won in the trenches, so hamilton is an outlier. however he also values blue chip guys and if he feels hamilton is much better then anyone else he would take him. all depends on JDs scouting of the class. Personally I think he's worth it. he's a game changer and we need to create more turnovers on defense. with him in the back and a better rush we should be able to. He does have ed reed potential

    as far as WR in the 1st with the extra 1st I felt we could. I also didn't bring in any WRs in FA or resign crowder and cole so it left a hole. and with the way the other spots fell I was able to afford a WR there because I still got my playmakers at all 3 levels of defense in the 1st 4 picks. alot of it has to do with how much I like cameron thomas in the 2nd. I think he's better then the other 1st rounders not named hutch or KT. I'm always open to other ideas as well and will change my mind up to the draft. If london was gone i'd be ok with burks. It's funny because on the podcast with maximus when we did the mock I mentioned that in my madden franchise prior to the season I drafted burks, zamir white, and wydermeyer in that draft. zamir white has fallen far as a prospect though.

    as far as trading down at that point at already addressed edge, safety, LBer, and WR. my next goal was TE and even if wydermeyer doesn't make it to us. there are others we could take there like isiah likely. or we can go ruckert a round later and take a CB in that spot. i think it leaves us open and the extra 4th rounder could be huge. at that pick of ours teams may be looking to move up for a QB or edge that fell and we won't need either

    You should watch thomas. he's very similar to karlafits but will go a round later and IDK why. like saleh said sometimes players just fall. I think he's a sleeper. there is no reason on film and build/athletiscm wise he isn't a top 15 pick but scouts have him as a 2nd rounder.

    for WRs I think we'll need 2. I like austin a lot. Reminds me of rondale moore/amon ra st brown mixture. or a low budget elijah moore. he's pretty polished. he's quick, runs good routes, good hands, can YAC. he's been moving up boards lately

    the reason to trade down was to have a 7th to get horvath. and to find a 3rd/4th RB. nobody there in the 5th impressed me and I don't think they would be any better then what we'd get a round later plus the FB. I wouldn't mind taking another RB over verdall if someone else falls though. I did here the same thing here when I wanted pollard in the 6th (but dallas took hi super early in the 4th) and he's turned out to be a good back so you never really know. late round guys are flyers so the more you take the better chance you have. echols was taken in the 6th, pinnock in the 5th. obviously echols is turning out better. the idea of trading down is you can get a guy as good or better and an extra guy for free. at least that's my thought in the later rounds
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