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    Rousseau is absolutely an edge rusher in the NFL. He did line up all over the place because he was the best at it in what was basically a NASCAR package ala the 2007/2011 Giants. He's a long lean 6'7", 265 pounder.

    The questions for Rousseau are how good is he when he doesn't have two other phenomenal rushers crushing the pocket? Is he powerful enough to add a bull rush and not get pushed around? Did taking a year off hurt him?

    I like him but when I watched him last year he never jumped off the tape to the point where I think he's worth a top 5/10 pick. He reminds me a lot of Randy Gregory coming out (minus all the problems with pot and whatnot). That's not a knock either when considering what Gregory was as a prospect and I'm ignoring the NFL production as any sort of measuring stick as a result.
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