Draft: What "I" (collectively) would have done different

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    I liked the draft because I'm pretty sure that Idzik made a board and stuck to it. He didn't panic and trade up for one or two players. They got the best interior defensive lineman and the best cornerback. I like that the GM took the best player and didn't leave guys on the board for position need.

    I am not a fan of Geno Smith but I understand the pick if he was the top guy on the board. They did their homework and he was a 2nd round pick. I fully expect that Idzik will follow the Seattle model of trying to find a QB. They basically just kept throwing resources at the position until they found a solution. They didn't take a top 10 pick and give him 4 years to fail. They traded for Charlie Whitehurst, Tarvaris Jackson and signed Matt Flynn. They also drafted Russell Wilson. The point is that they kept throwing resources at the position until they found a franchise qb. It's pretty clear at this point that winning a superbowl in the NFL starts with the QB and until the Jets have a good one they aren't going anywhere.
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