David Barrett: "I am Humble to the Game"

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    The Jets? defensive backfield was hooting and hollering as they hit the JUGS passing machines Friday after practice. Cornerback David Barrett, a senior member of the secondary, couldn?t hide his smile as he departed for the day.

    ?You have to make it fun,? he said. ?Everybody is out here competing and getting better.?

    Barrett is entering his fourth season with the Green & White. He has played in 42 games and picked up 10 of his 16 career interceptions with the Jets. Originally a fourth-round pick by the Arizona Cardinals in 2000, the two-time All-SEC pick at Arkansas has suited up 104 times in the NFL and registered 58 pass defenses and 364 total tackles.

    ?I never looked at it as being in this league eight years,? he said. ?I looked at it as how long my body will let me go out and play. God willing, I have many more to come, but I am just taking it by day-to-day.?

    On most days, Darrelle Revis garners plenty of media attention. The Jets? No. 1 pick from Pittsburgh is an impressive specimen who regularly lines up in the slot as Barrett and Andre Dyson man the outside. There is healthy competition on the field, but Barrett said the unit acts as one.

    ?Everybody in the secondary is trying to help each other out,? he said. ?If somebody sees somebody else doing something wrong, they?ll help out. They will say you can do this or do that.?

    The 29-year-old Barrett also contends that learning is very much a reciprocal process.

    ?I look at myself as more of a mentor than when I was younger, but I always keep my mind open to young guys coming in,? he said. ?They always can give you some type of insight to make you better.?

    Fresh faces in the backfield also extend to the coaching staff as Mike MacIntyre has taken charge after four seasons with the Cowboys.

    ?That transition is going very well. He is showing us some stuff that ? even though I?ve played a number of years in the league ? I hadn?t noticed,? Barrett said. ?He is helping me out on the field.?

    The 5?10?, 195-pound Barrett, always an explosive and tough performer, is focused on details. When you?re a corner, a half step can be the difference between an interception and a touchdown.

    ?I am trying to get better at the little things such as getting out of bails [bailing out], and press and man,? he said.

    Hampered by injury in 2006, Barrett kept a professional attitude in battling through and playing 13 games. He is not about to get comfortable because of his familiarity with this defense, though.

    ?You can never be too confident in this league or too cocky,? he said. ?You just have to go out there and do what you have to do to get the job done. There are players who are cocky, but I am humble to the game.?

    The Jets have little more than a week left before the players depart for an extended vacation. Barrett is looking forward to visit his 3-year-old son in Arizona ? the two might take a trip to San Diego?s SeaWorld.

    But when training camp commences, he?ll still be happy. It?s his love for the game that is frequently on display, the dancing to the beat of the music from the loudspeakers and the chirping with the corners. David Barrett is proof that competition is sometimes fun.
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    Barrett is a pretty solid #2 CB. Having Dyson and Revis along with him would give the Jets a fairly deep cover team in a division where it looks like they'll need it.

    Throw in Drew Coleman if he steps up and Justin Miller if he finally gets his act together and you might have one of the better outside teams in the NFL for a bit.
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    Since they're under the salary cap I want Barrett to stay. I think if Revis steps up and shows he can be a starter Barrett is an ideal nickelback with his tough tackling.

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