Congratulations to the Super Bowl Champions - NY Giants

Discussion in 'National Football League' started by Poeman, Feb 5, 2012.

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    I agree that 2007 you guys had nothing lose, I don't really know but it probably was like how I felt with the Jets heading to Foxboro last year in the playoffs. Nothing to lose.

    07 was much more exciting to me because there was the undefeated team and the Patriots were finally the "evil" team for once. They went into GB when it had that aura with Favre. I was also in NY watching with Giants fans who I like so I was happy for them and the re-establishment of NY>Boston thing. The game also just held my interest much more since the Pats were trying to make history.

    This year I found it a lot harder to root for you at first, but being in Boston and avoiding ESPN for the couple weeks made it easier. I called a couple friends and my dad(giants fan) after the win, but I was real confident the Giants were pulling this out as the game went on. The Pats lost that "invincible" aura completely when the Ravens stomped them.

    07 was more impressive and a better game, but this is going to be a fun week for me with all the bandwagon chowda heads becoming miserable
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    oh, i got ya..

    Yeah It's pretty funny. I'm a sensitive guy, but how could I get mad at that? I didn't do anything wrong, or even stupid. The fact that he got banned for that gives more laughing material than I could have gotten from any replies of his afterwords. I'm honored to be in a signature. haha
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    New York is #1 in a professional sport for the given year. Thank You NYG for doing so.
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    All I can say about this game is that when and if the Jets ever win a Superbowl again, it's going to the best night in the entire history of modern day sports.
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    Joe danelo, scott brunner, Beasley Reece and mark haynes were a few on my early rooting favorites, those guys you mentioned were actually on winning teams.

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