CFP Power Rankings Week 9

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    The CFP waited way too long to put a G5 team in and are now forced to put in a Cincinnati team that has next to no chance against #1 ranked Bulldogs.

    They should’ve dabbled with it to get a better feel with the 2017 UCF team that absolutely blew everyone out and went on to beat #7 Auburn in the bowl game. The same Auburn team that beat Alabama in the Iron Bowl. At least that team scored at will and they chose to put a weak PAC-12 champion Washington in.

    They’re now going to end up with the 41-7 game they’ve been desperately trying to avoid that’s over with 7 minutes left in the second quarter. Even though Cincinnati has won all of its games, the offense hasn’t dominated at all and Ridder has not taken the huge step forward as everyone anticipated.

    Edit: I’ll refine this to add that I didn’t even consider the fact that they’ll likely put Oklahoma State in if they win and Alabama loses and Cincy jumps to 3. Oklahoma State will suffer the same fate though and get smashed. It almost doesn’t make sense how they’ve only lost a game with terrible QB play and an awful offense.
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