CFC - Our last game of the season

Discussion in 'Draft' started by ouchy, Jan 11, 2021.

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    Tonight's game could have more impact on our future than any of our actual games this season.

    If Fields lights it up again it could literally be worth more top 50 picks. (Or seal the number 2 pick in the minds of the "must take QB immediately" crowd). If he wins the national championship, even better.

    The third wheel of the slot machine is going to stop spinning tonight. Lets hope the third 7 comes up for a jackpot.

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    Such a big game can’t wait. So many interesting story lines.

    What Fields will we get? The amazing electric Fields that launches it down field with accuracy, shows toughness, leadership and the will to win! Or will we see the Fields that struggles against top defences, heard footsteps, takes off if the first read is covered and makes bad decisions with the football?!

    Olave vs Surtain matchup. Who will get the best of it?! Both awesome players with 1st round grades going head to head. Both could be in contention for Seattle’s pick.

    Najee Harris continue his amazing year? I think so he’s so talented and dominating running and catching the ball. Is he in play with Seattle’s pick or our 2nd rounder

    Does Mac Jones (3rd best QB in the draft IMO) leave an imprint to be a first rounder and if we pass on Fields is he in play with Seattle’s pick!

    Davonte Smith looked like Jerry Rice this year if we trade back from 2 he could be in play as well.

    Will Waddle play and if he does is he in play with Seattle’s pick or our 2nd rounder.
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