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    we have mims davis and moore. I wouldn't give up a 1st for a WR. we also have crowder and cole this year for a deep core. WR4/WR5 are typically cheap and easy to find in free agency or later in the draft and we are stacked with picks. I don't see us trading a high pick or drafting a WR high any time soon.
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    JT Daniels is a bit of a dark horse from Georgia. He played really well at the end of the year and probably should've been the full year starter (might've been held back because of rehab). Forewent his senior year in high school to join USC a year early.

    Not in love with the California roots but he'll have two years in the SEC albeit on an archaic offense.
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    Cain Madden, RG, Marshall

    Old prospect but potential plug and play starter on the right side. Highest PFF grade among IOL in 2020. Has steadily improved over 4 years. Transferring for his 5th year, likely to a bigger school with a larger spotlight. One of the consensus top guards for next year, Texas A&M Kenyon Green has lobbied for Madden and Madden is expected to visit Norte Dame.
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    Andrew Booth, Clemson CB, is someone to keep an eye on.
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    These are my top 10 players @ positions of need for our Jets.

    1.) Kayvon Thibodeaux. 4-3 DE pass rusher. Oregon.

    (Kayvon/Lawson would become the best 4-3 DE's since Abe/Ellis and with QW would become the greatest D-Line since the Sack Exchange).

    2.) Derek Stingley Jr. CB. LSU.

    There aren't many #24's alive but this kid has the athleticism to become one of the greats.

    3.) Evan Neal. OT. Alabama.

    With Mekhi Becton @ LT, Alijah Vera-Tucker @ LG and Evan Neal @ RT? That's 3 consecutive 1st round O-Lineman under JD which would form one of the greatest Jets Offensive Lines of All-Time for a young Zach Wilson.

    4.) Kaiir Elam. CB. Florida Gators.

    He's literally right behind Stingley Jr. As an FSU fan I've just recently gotten around to watching his film. In order to see what all this hype was about. This kid is awesome. @ 6'2/193lbs he's got amazing size and freakish athleticism; the CB battle between him and Stingley Jr. will become one for the ages this upcoming season.

    5.) Jalen Wydermyer. TE. Texas A&M.

    Omg. 6'5/265 lbs. He's the next Kyle Pitts phenom @ TE and finished 2nd in All-SEC honors @ TE last year (only behind Pitts). An absolute animal.

    6.) George Pickens. WR. Georgia.

    I don't care if he's coming off an ACL injury. If not, he's everyone's #1 WR. 6'3/190 lbs and is absolutely incredible. True outside #1 All-Pro ability and an ACL injury still can't stop him from going 1st round and no, I wouldn't pass on him because of a FA addition Corey Davis because a homegrown trio of Pickens and Mims on the outside with Elijah Moore working the slot becomes A+ for Zach Wilson (Corey Davis becomes #4 or trade). If there is one player worth taking a gamble on? It's George Pickens (I love this kid).

    7.) DeMarvin Leal. DT. Texas A&M.
    Sheldon Rankins isn't elite enough to make me pass on an athletic 6'4/290lbs monster in the middle. I know. Another DT, right? Well. We're now in a 4-3 D-Line and the thought of both Quinnen Williams and DeMarvin Leal as a 4-3 DT duo would become a nightmare for opposing O-Lines. A D-Line of Lawson, QW/Leal is scary regardless who emerges as our DE opposite of Lawson.

    8.) Breece Hall. RB. Iowa State.

    Yes. I love Michael Carter but Breece Hall @ 6'1/215 lbs imo is more of an every down back and imo only Najee Harris had a better 2020 @ RB than this kid. He's a freak of nature out there and a RB duo of Hall/Carter would become something so dynamic it'll be unreal.

    9.) Kyle Hamilton. Safety. Notre Dame.

    Yeah. Yeah. Another Safety etc. Who cares he's the most exciting and versatile defensive player in all of college football imo. As an FSU fan I'm hopeful for Hamsah Nasirildeen but I believe Saleh wants him at 4-3 OLB due to both coverage and tackling ability but Kyle Hamilton is an animal and a filthy dog out there. I wouldn't mind Jamal Adams Vol. 2. He's #9 on my list but he's overall a top 5 talent to me.

    10.) Tyler Linderbaum. Center. Iowa.

    Most mocks have him going in the early 2nd round and guess what, we've got two 2nd round picks. Even if we go Evan Neal OT 1st round, I'd most definitely take this kid in the 2nd because Mekhi Becton (LT), Vera-Tucker (LG), Tyler Linderbaum (Center) and Evan Neal (RT) would have Joe Douglasville's name written all over it. With that O-Line? Zach Wilson would have every opportunity in the world to become pure greatness.

    (Not a fan of Drake Jackson. USC. Seems to be more media hype than actual dominance on the Football field. I don't see the production just yet and hopefully he can prove me wrong but as of right now he's not cracking my top 10).

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