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Discussion in 'Jets Experience' started by 17a_tailgater, Feb 8, 2009.

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    corporate america. they couldnt care less unless there is a bonus or a commission involved.
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    This thread! Glad I checked back in today. It was just about dead and buried as it neared 1000. I feel like I’ve been away on a long trip and just got home to turn the lights on. I was an early contributor. While MetLife was being built i actually contacted the architects and grilled them on the what seemed to be a shitty escalator setup and to ask about the elevators. I could tell it was shit-show waiting to happen. Royal Tee, I could not agree more with your complaints about today’s game day experience. From ‘79 to ‘14 I was not only there, but was a guy with a radio so I could get as much game info as possible. People seated in my section stood up to turn around towards me knowing I’d be getting injury info or penalty explanations from Spencer Ross, Dave Jennings or Marty Lyons. I enjoyed tailgating, but I loved the live experience of being in the crowd. That was why I went. Not now. Maybe it began when the radio broadcast signal started being delayed, so my radio was infuriating rather than helpful. Stopped bringing it. Without the radio my attention between plays went to the annoyances you’ve accurately described. It’s sad. It’s not worth the price of admission, that’s for sure. When you come to realize the on field product is for the TV audience and not the dopes paying big money to be there, it grates on you. Then they build this thing they’re so proud of, and you quickly realize you are the ones paying for it. Worse seats, harder to get upstairs, far more expensive. No thanks.
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