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    1. dcm1602
    2. FriendlyGiantsFan
      Hey, check your private messages and get back to me on what you said. I'm actually interested to know what contributes to our differences of opinion.
    3. FriendlyGiantsFan
      Check your private messages, my response was over 1000 characters. I do want to continue this talk, however.
    4. dcm1602
      lol while I do have plenty of venom and disgust for the Giants, definitely a little bit of trolling for the ridiculous giant fans who didnt realize that they had an obscene amount of luck with them all season long.

      And whose angry, I just dont like Giant fans in general. They all got butt hurt and were cheering for the Colts/Steelers when we played them in the AFCCG, so I got no love for big blew
    5. FriendlyGiantsFan
      Okay, so I've been away from this website for a while and, upon being back now, dug up some old threads regarding the Super Bowl. I couldn't help but notice the ridiculous amount of venom you have for the Giants. This has gotten me to wondering a few things...

      1. Were you only acting that way because NJ Thinker was an obnoxious troll?

      2. Are you just venting online or are do you actually have that low an opinion of the Giants? It's kind of hard to take you seriously when you're talking about the reigning Super Bowl champions being "irrelevant" because the Jets sign an aging FA QB (whom happens to be the brother of the QB for the aforementioned reigning Super Bowl champs).

      3. Why so angry? Did a Giants' fan/player kill and/or maim a close friend or family member of yours? You've got an ax to grind and I'm curious as to why.

      I'm not writing this to troll or instigate, I legitimately don't "get" you right now and want to know where you're coming from.
    6. OldTimer
      Im thinking that Rex take back the defensive play calling, ek. more blitzing schemes. We lacked that timely third down blitz overload last season with Pettine calling the plays. With that said I am leaning towards Barron with our first pick, a pass rusher with our second and yeah an OT thru FA. What do you think?
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