Aug 4, 2011
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    1. abyzmul
      Heyyyy, Biggsy. Thanks for trying to respond, and no worries, I check the forum mostly on mobile these days and there is no way to get messages like this and there is no notification on my phone for PMs when I am using a mobile app.

      I hope you are faring well.

      If you feel like PMing me, that's cool, I have space in the old inbox now. If not, I will see you in the Chemtrails thread, once we all begin to show signs of the aluminum oxide poisoning that causes Alzheimer's. I just won't know who the fuck you are.

      1. Biggs
        It's been a long time. I left the board mostly because my wife was sick and she hated me posting. I lost her to C 3 years ago. Decided to start posting again when we got Darnold.

        I hope your wife got through her treatment and all is good.

        Wanted to say hello. Always enjoy your take on almost everything.


        Mar 29, 2019
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