We're gonna find out what kind of GM Mike MacCagnan is this offseason.

Discussion in 'New York Jets' started by WarriorRB28, Jan 7, 2018.

  1. WarriorRB28

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    I'm not a believer in him but I'm looking at this off season with all this cap space & high draft picks as a clean slate a chance for the team to get GOOD again.

    What I want to see from him is the ability to make the TOUGH decisions. If the media has their way the Jets will keep the 5-11 party going McCown, Sefarian Jenkins, Claiborne will be starting here again in 2018 and on big money deals. I view these guys as stop gaps at best the Jets could upgrade these positions if he wants to bring these guys back on short term deals for backup money I'd be okay with that. If he gives them big money and lotsa years huge red flag right there.

    Another thing I want to see from him is NOT overpay a Kirk Cousins or another QB like him $25-$30 million per year or trade for Alex Smith then pay him big money if he does that it's another red flag. I think both QBs are good good enough to win with if they have a good enough team around them they're NOT franchise QBs.

    I want to see him explore a trade for Andrew Luck. I want to see him re-sign Robbie Anderson and Jermaine Kearse.

    We're gonna find out about this guy this off season is one of the most important in franchise history.

    I'm crossing my fingers.
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  2. Jetsfansince95

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    If you notice even his big deals are 2 year deal in essence ... but yes it s a HUGE year for him ... agreed
  3. JetsFan

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    He had cap space when he first came on board and blew it with nothing to show. He is one of the worst talent evaluators around. The GM,HC, CS and every scout should be gutted. While they are at is, just sell the team.
  4. BroadwaySam

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    “He’s one of the worst talent evaluators around”


    I mean, that’s just not a smart statement.
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  5. Cman60

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    Well, with 8 DP's and $100mil to work with, I'd like to think Macc can put together a team better than 5-11 in 2018. Now I realize that $100mil doesn't buy what it used to, but is it too much to ask for a team with a winning record since making the playoffs isn't a priority? Not sure how much lower I can set the bar without just saying fck it, I'm done.
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  6. PennyRoyal10

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    For sure it's his make or break offseason. He can longer hide behind the safety of cleaning up somebody else's mess - he owns this roster at this point, top to bottom. And no GM should get to fix the QB problem 4 times...
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  7. 101GangGreen101

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    We are going to find out what Mac AND Bowles can really offer this off-season. Both need to be on the same page.
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  8. RIPJimLeonhard

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    Get Demarcus Lawrence, get Trumaine Johnson, get Dion Lewis, draft a QB, replace Wesley Johnson.
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  9. wewantsapp

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    I'm not so sure about Trumaine Johnson, - I smell a greedy Revis there. Add Ryan Jensen to replace Wesley Johnson
  10. 94Abraham

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    Ealy hardly played the last 4 weeks and doesn’t fit in Bowles scheme apparently, ASJ is nothing special with questionable hands and off the field troubles, and Maye is still unproven. If you’re going to call someone out for not making a smart statement, you need to get better evidence then that...
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  11. 6-10 once again

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    None of those outside of maye and Anderson impress me... most GMs in the league would put together a better list
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  12. ColoradoContrails

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    Nov 28, 2016
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    Well he's not the worst, but he hasn't done great. Here's an analysis of his picks so far:


    And within that I would dispute the grades for Lee, Petty, Hackenberg (all "C" rated - I would say "D" or "F"), thus meaning that 7 of 13 picks were "busts". And missing on not finding a FQB so far after three years is the biggest problem with him.
  13. HomeoftheJets

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    Name recognition fallacy. People consider players whose names they know to be good players. But the reason we know these names is because they're Jets. Every GM finds role players, and better ones than these five. It's just that we don't know who they are because we don't follow those teams.
  14. bartscott

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    He went 10-6 when he “blew” the cap money the last time. 6 teams got into the playoffs this year with that record or worse.

    The Kearse trade and a second rounder (50th overall pick) for Sheldon looks pretty good.

    He’s made some mistakes (Hack) and then passing on Watson, but one of the worst talent evaluators? That’s a little much.
  15. GreenInTheBowl

    Jan 14, 2015
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    Bottom line is that THIS is the year for the Jets to find their franchise QB. Plenty of QBs available in the draft and if nothing else free agency is also an option. My worst fear though is that they draft a mid round, project QB and bring in McCown as the clear-cut starter again. BPA is bullshit at this point. This is the time for the Jets to land their QB of the future-- at all costs. And for the love of God, if they draft somebody, play him! No more babying these young QBs. If the player is worth a damn he'll find his way to shine through the bumps and bruises and growing pains, especially if they bring in some O-linemen that can actually protect him! Time for this GM/HC tandem to take a real risk rather than playing it conservatively to protect their own hides..
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  16. xxedge72x

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    I'm most interested in what he does with the offensive line as it is arguably the spot that he has produced the least results.

    The quarterback decision will affect the next 5-10 years of this team and potentially his involvement with the team over that period.
  17. Red Menace

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    A leopard doesn't change his spots, if you look at Macs history I believe you will see the pattern of his philosophy. Most of his money and capital has gone to the defensive side of the ball while he has traded picks for veterans with some cheap FA signings on the offensive side of the ball.

    In my honest opinion, I don't believe this FO/CS will get it right. I don't believe they know how to identify a good QB, or understand the need for a strong and balanced team on both sides of the ball.

    They have exclusively focused on one side of the ball and it's still not any good, you would think that 3 years into it the defense would be the most solid part of this team, yet it's still as bad as when they were hired three years ago.

    The offense, well we all know what's going to happen, band aid approach for the oline.

    I was a big Mac supporter because he had found some gems and I believed his job couldn't be judged strictly on drafts but team is still the same as it was when they came in.

    Below average football team.
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  18. grkmanga31

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    He is not the worst talent evaluator, but his first two drafts were pretty mediocre. On the bright side, it seems that his drafting has gotten better every season which is a reason to be optimistic. I also think that his first season on the job was met with a mandate to instantly make the team compete by pretty much buying a defense, which obviously ended in disaster. Some of that has to be on him, but I do think that he should theoretically be smarter in who he tries to land in free agency. The approach he stated was to spend, but to spend on players who will contribute over the course of the contract. The key to a successful free agency is to find players who will not stop grinding once they get paid.

    The biggest thing to me is how he handles the QB situation. For 3 years he's pretty much skirted by with journeymen QB's having great seasons. That can only take you so far and we've seen that play out. Fitz was a huge mistake, but now we find ourselves in a similar situation. Our team has no legitimate QB option, and the QB that made the team competitive is 38 years old and despite playing well, he too committed plenty of mistakes to end games on a sour note.

    Maccagnan is going to have to address the QB this offseason and that can be through 2 ways - go through free agency and sign a known commodity like Kirk Cousins, or go ahead and draft a QB.

    Personally, I like Kirk Cousins and think we can win with him and then I would go ahead and address O-line with Quinton Nelson or Bradley Chubb. I would go with Saquon Barkley but I fully expect him to be drafted within the top 3-5 picks.
  19. MurrellMartin

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    I'm looking forward to seeing how Maccagnan handles Free Agency. The players will be well informed by their agents, or at least they should be, to hold out on the Jets offer because Maccagnan has proven to cave in with the likes of Fitzpatrick and Wilkerson. I won't blame him for Revis as I think that was a Woody move 100% of the way. However, you can't sit there and ignore these facts and come Free Agency, you need to be fast and aggressive or you will lose out on the big fish and be left with, well, another mediocre or less than mediocre roster. That or you'll be banking on rookies to carry your team, again.
  20. JetsNation06

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