Shohei Otani: Where's he going?

Discussion in 'Baseball Forum' started by JetLion77, Sep 14, 2017.

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    Where's he going to go?

    Strongest contenders: New York Yankees, Los Angeles Dodgers. Both teams have a history of scouting and luring Japanese players from the NPB. Both teams can certainly afford him and are in big markets, especially NY and LA with a large Japanese population outside of Japan. Both teams have established Japanese players from past and present (Matsui and Nomo, Tanaka and Darvish, Hiroki Kuroda played for both franchises). The Yankees have that short porch in right field and he has Sanchez and Judge to protect him. The Dodgers can show case his skills in both power hitting and pitching.

    Outside chance: Boston Red Sox, Texas Rangers. Similar to the Yanks and Dodgers, they each have the cash to afford him. Both franchises have a history of luring NPB players; however, both don't have the market advantages that the Yanks and the Dodgers have. Both teams have the players to surround him that can continue to contend from year to year (save this season for Texas).

    Dark horses: Chicago Cubs, Miami Marlins, Seattle Mariners. The Cubs will need pitching help next year as Lackey and Arrieta are free agents; the fact that Otani can hit is a bonus for them. Seattle is a West Coast team, which is a good lure because it's closer to home and the M's won't have to depend exclusively on King Felix for a win every five to seven days. The Marlins will have the lure of Derek Jeter as part of the new ownership in Miami. They have a young core that includes Stanton and Otani's bat can help take the load from Stanton's shoulders.

    Darkest of dark horses: New York Mets. I foresee Matt Harvey being let go after this season, but Otani can fill in with more heat for the Mets once he has his ankle issues figured out. With his power, he can complement Cespedes and Flores. Also, the large market thing, but that's already been mentioned.

    Looking forward to the responses!
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