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Discussion in 'New York Jets' started by DaBallhawk, Nov 2, 2015.

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    Seriously? 3 guys can't bring down a small receiver? This isn't Gronk times 10. It's a f*cking receiver! And what's with our elite D-Line? Pace? Bowen? Douzable? Coples? Are you serious? Who made this brilliant decision to pull ALL our so called "studs"? Why not pull one, two or even 3 and at least have Sheldon or Mo out there, maybe Leonard. Why pull ALL OF THEM?! How drunk was the guy that put this shit package out there to NOT generate any pass rush?

    More whiffing.

    Mauldin trying hard vs double team. Why is Pace getting his snaps in the nickel when he has trouble getting out of his stance without breaking his hip?

    Cro catching fire.

    Geno not being smart. Or just simply being Geno.

    There was another hilarious play where DD did like a breakdance backflip when somebody blocked him but I can't find it. Did anybody notice his dumb tackle celebration by the way? I think he did one in the 2nd quarter when we were down like 3 TD's. DD really is something else.


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