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Discussion in 'Jets Experience' started by kevda5n9ne, Jul 23, 2017.

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    I set my DVR to record the 2016 NY Jets on the NFL Network. As a fan I was interested to see what the network compiled to fit the description of "A look back at the highlights of the Jets 2016 season"

    Maybe it included highlights vs the Browns game, Bilal Powell vs the 9ers. BUT I had the typical Jets experience when I went to watch my DVR...

    It was actually an airing on the 2016 pats. So frustrating. Of all teams they had to show the pats. That is the usual Jets experience of pain and agony. I thought maybe i recorded the wrong program, but no the title was jets, the description was jets. Even when i hit pause, jets. Can't stand seeing Brady, so of course i had to delete it.

    Just curious if anyone else went to watch the 2016 Jets on NFL Network at 6:30 pm today, only to be as shocked as I was that they played the pats highlights instead. (I have DirectTV so maybe other providers actually had the Jets on NFL network)

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