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    The saddest part is they won't admit it's a rebuild telling us we try n make the playoffs every year. They treat us like we r idiots and we can't handle the truth. Last year expectations were high and even though we sucked from the get go I kept on thinking they would turn it around. The stadium had some energy till late fall. This year expectations will as low as ever, the attendance will be lower then ever and there will be no hope. Add even more Opponent fans will be there. I just hope there lots of ticket holders will send woody a message. And one other thing that's typical Jets. If u r going to keep the piece of crap coach with one year left on his contract and expect him to win after gutting the team you should extend his contract and give him 2 years to show he can coach. We r the Jets so we don't do things intelligently because our owner is clueless
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    The downfall of this franchise has been amazing to watch, in a sad way, but amazing nonetheless.

    I'm only soon to be 29, but I can count on one hand the amount of home games since 1995 I've missed on 2 hands. My father picked up Jets season tickets for me at the age of 7 and I haven't stopped going or loving the team since. He was an Eagles fan, but became an Eagles/Jets fan for his boy who had just lost his mother to cancer. Going to Jets games was our escape, our fun time. We always had a blast. We, as people have expressed in this thread, always knew the people around us and they knew us. We formed friendships with a good number of these people. We could always count on them, good or bad, to be there. Yeah, there were always people who only showed up when the team was good, but those people would often be ignored when we celebrated touchdowns or anything else with everyone else, because we knew they were fair weather people who didn't truly care about the team. As others have said, we knew when to get up, when to sit down, and when not to. We also NEVER made noise on offense, and that happens constantly now at MetLife. Idiots cheering for videoboard fame and a white t-shirt out of a cannon that will shrink from a L to a S in 3 washes.

    I enter MetLife every Sunday and I never know what I'm going to encounter, outside of people dancing for t-shirts and looking down at their cell-phones for half of the game. There are 2 groups of people I can count on to be there every week and other than that, everyone else is a you never know type of ticket holder, or not a ticket holder at all. For years the 2 seats directly in front of me have been filled with nothing but visiting fans or people who must be inherently wealthy, because twice a year they show up mid-way through the 1st quarter and leave before the 4th quarter, but before doing so wolf down a number of hot dogs, chicken tenders, burgers & pizza's. There are visiting fans everywhere. The 8 seats to the left of me became owned by a broker 2 years ago. Some games they're filled, others half filled and some, no one is there at all. These are Lower Level endzone seats 30 rows off the field. I'm paying $130 a seat per game for these seats and more than half the time when they are filled, the people around me outside of the handful of season ticket holders, are paying $50-90 a game on StubHub. Heck, sometimes even less. I always make a point to ask the people I haven't seen before how much they paid and then I sit there and wonder why I continue to give this team $2,800 every year when it seems as if I can become a StubHub season ticket holder for less than $1,500. It is sad and pathetic.

    I should've never caved and bought the PSL. The organization couldn't have asked for anything better to happen to them than the 2009 season. My father, who has since passed, advised me not to do it, but I was a stupid 21 who had just gotten some money and decided to piss it down the drain on the Jets, and alas, here I am. I haven't paid my PSL off in full though. I do the yearly payments, furthering my insanity. After my father passed in 2014, I considered walking away, only to come back at the last second and keep them. I did so for the past 2 years and for the most part, outside of the 2015 New England game, I've come to regret it. Now, with a month and a half until payments are due, I'm strongly considering walking away again, fully aware of the legal ramifications that could come from it, but truly, I highly doubt they'd come after me, someone who has paid over $5,000 on their $8,000 worth of PSL's (2 $4,000 seats). If they do, they do, but I won't worry about it. I've come under some financial hardships in the past year and just can't afford to be sending them $2,904 to sit in a half empty stadium with an organization that doesn't have a clue about what their fan base wants or cares about anymore. I'm tired of Minor League Baseball t-shirt cannon crew crap. I'm tired of them continually taking away parking spots for more visiting fans' team buses. I'm tired of them never really caring about anything you say to them in those stupid little surveys. Yeah, they'll call and yes you to death or make another excuse, but nothing ever changes. Also, where are all the free bobbleheads, DD travel mugs, posters and countless other things we used to get in the 90's and 00's? Where di they go? They lasted for about 3 years at MetLife. Now they're gone. Because they don't care about us. They want to cut corners now because no one can afford to show up for their product and they won't start caring anytime soon. Not as long as you keep paying them.

    The problem for me is, I love this team too much. Whether they suck or are competing, I still love them. I love tailgating, too. I'm at the stadium at 6:30 every single Sunday, waiting in line with friends playing corn-hole and waiting for the gates to open so the 25-30 of us who still come religiously can set up shop at 8am and tailgate before going inside to cheer on our beloved Jets. If it weren't for these friends, I don't know if I ever would've stayed a season ticket holder for as long as I have. I love everything about game-day, right up until I have to enter our dull stadium of sadness.

    I could've left as a kid when my first few seasons of Jet fandom were 4-28. My friends were all Cowboys, Giants or Dolphins fans. I could've jumped ship. I didn't. I'm glad I didn't. We might not have a huge fan base, but a good portion of it are die-hard fans who are loyal and deserve a winning product, and maybe one day we'll get there, I'm just not sure it will ever happen with Woody Johnson or with MetLife Stadium's grey, boring persona and the people who fill it, or half full it, every Sunday. This organization doesn't care about us. They only care about our wallets. The only way to take a stand is to stop giving them the money we work our asses off for.

    I think it's my time to become a StubHub season ticket holder, because I'm tired of giving my money to this organization. I'd rather give it to a fan who hasn't yet seen the light like I finally, unfortunately 7 years later, have.
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    Hey MM, first, my condolences to you. Losing loved ones is horrible but losing them at a young age is even more difficult.

    Your post resonated with me since I similar to your father picked-up season tickets to enjoy with my family, particularly with my son (now 7 years old). As a season ticket holder, I brought my infant son to his first game at 4-months old against the Pats in Giants Stadium back in 2009 (BTW, back then, I had to get a ticket for him even though he was strapped to my chest and not taking a seat!!!).

    I went from two mezz level season tickets at Giants Stadium to two lower goal line PSLs at MetLife. I'm a devoted Jets fan, I became delusional. I thought that I would enjoy years of attending games with my family that I even moved to lower sidelines and picked-up two additional PSL (total of 4). Through the course of not so many years, I've gone through some financial hardship as well. However, I remained committed to the Jets and committed to the PSL agreement.

    With that said, it's becoming more difficult to justify the costs. I don't feel the camaraderie with the fans around me since they are not the regulars. These are transient fans that come to a game or two or fans of opposing teams that got bought tickets in the secondary market at 1/3 of what I had to pay to remain a season ticket holder.

    The tangible and the intangible reasons to remain a season ticket holder have all but disappeared. It's irrational to continue "dumping" money... pouring good money into bad.

    Good luck with your decision... I have a call in with my rep to discuss options (if any).

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    My condolonces MM.

    So sorry that devoted Jets fans like you are being screwed by the Jets. There is nothing wrong on becoming Stubhub season ticket holder. It really isn't that bad. You get to chose the games you want to go to and don't deal with preseason and crappy end of the season games.
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    I encourage you all to please save your money if you are depressed with all the losing. This upcoming season will be one of the worst, all signs point to how terrible we will be.
    Ownership does not care, we have players who have played below par, head coaching does not push for harder play, Mac and Bowles not being synced and being in a proper reporting structure is creating two points of views here.

    Just go the stubhub route, I have saved so much money doing so...Let the team dump tickets on the secondary market at below face or corporate tickets getting posted online. This team is not worth the financial headaches as of right now.
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    Jets PSL owners should file a class action lawsuit, on the basis of breach of contract regarding how the Jets are publicly selling PSL seats individually with no contract. This season is going to be a total bloodbath.

    $25,000 Coaches Club PSLs are listed for sale for $2,167 with no takers:

    You can also get $4000 Lowers for $240, with still no takers. That's because these PSLs are completely worthless, they're are an obligation to lose (a lot of) money on 10 games every year.
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    psls in general should be abolished. they are as bad as funding coming from tax payers. let these fucking greedy ass owners pony up. theyre the ones who make all the money off of hte investment of others.
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    MurellMartin sorry for your loss
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