What are your DREAM Draft Day Scenarios for the Jets?

Discussion in 'Draft' started by PennyandtheJets, Apr 3, 2022.

  1. PennyandtheJets

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    Created a thread a week ago about what some of our nightmare scenarios would be on draft day, but now it is time to live life with the glass half full!

    What are some of YOUR dream scenarios for the Jets on Draft Day?

    **As a side-note, I am giving away a free Jets Jersey to one of my subscribers the night before the NFL Draft. Not sure how many of you are into giveaways, but I thought I would share. Looking forward to reading some of your dreams!

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  2. dmw

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    Oct 11, 2010
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    Superbowl win!
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  3. Get me the Damn Ball

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    Mar 3, 2015
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    4 - KT
    10 - Kyle Hamilton
    35 - Jameson Williams ( hoping he drops because of his injury)
    38 - Christian Watson
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  4. FJF

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    Feb 29, 2008
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    1. Kt
    10. Wilson
    Move back into the 1st for linderbaum
  5. Noam

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    Sep 6, 2010
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    A very unrealistic dream would be as follows. I love acquiring future assets. All trades are appropriate value using the trade value chart. My late round picks are unlikely to be there but again this is unrealistic. I am sad not to get a lb or upgrade safety but next year we would have 3 firsts, 2 seconds and 3 thirds with all 3 firsts being potential top 10 picks.

    1. Trade 4 for 20 with Pitt and get value equal to the trade chart which would be number 20, this years 2nd, next years 1st, 2nd and 3rd.
    2. Trade 10 for 18 with NO for number 18 next years 1st and their 3rd next year.
    3. Trade 35 to 24 with Dallas we give up our 3rd.

    Trades would allow us to do something like this.

    18. Karalaftis
    20. Jameson Williams
    24. Linderbaum
    38. Dotson
    52. C. Jones DT
    111. Ruckert
    117. Strange OG
    146. Petit Frere OT
    163. Brian Robinson RB
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  6. Rockinz

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    Jul 24, 2011
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    Jets - 9th overall + 40th overall + 2023 1st (Den)
    Seattle- 4th overall

    Jets - 19th overall
    Philly - Mekhi Becton

    Jets - Danielle Hunter DE
    Vikings - 69th overall

    Jets - #108
    Texans - #146 + #163

    Then we draft:
    9th overall - Charles Cross OT
    10th overall - Treylon Burks WR
    19th overall - Devon Lloyd LB
    35th overall - Kaiir Elam CB
    38th overall - Dax Hill S
    40th overall - Logan Hall DL
    108th overall - Alec Pierce WR
    111th overall - Jerome Ford RB
    117th overall - Cole Strange G

    This is obviously my dream scenario and very unlikely but would completely revamp the squad and fill all the holes we need.
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  7. NYJ_Jax28

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    Mar 14, 2013
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    Dream would be Hutchinson drops to 4, no? Then we take Gardner at 10 and the defense is transformed immediately.

    More realistic scenario:

    4. Travon Walker
    10. Sauce Gardner
    35/38: Trade back into first for Jameson Williams or stand pat and take Christian Watson/Alec Pierce. Should also think about taking a RB between rounds 2-4. A good all around back could complete the offense.

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  8. Noam

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    Sep 6, 2010
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    Penny I strongly agree with your 1st scenario about KT. Having him available at gets rid of a lot of my anxiety and worries.

    I really really love your number 2, 4 and 5.

    Number 3 taking a second defensive player in round 1 then trading back into round 1 does not excite me. I would rather take KT trade 10 back to draft Jameson.

    But, regardless once again love the video, your effort and thought. Your videos make the off season much better.
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  9. JetFanInPA

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    Sep 25, 2003
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    Nice thread idea. Here's mine right now. (Not what I think the Jets would do though)
    I'd love to trade down and pick up more draft capital this year and next. If Pitt is in love with Malik Willis, I'm happy to move from 4 to 20, where I think there's good value. Pit gives NYJ 2022 1st (20), 2nd, 3rd and 2023 1st for 1(4) (maybe some additional pick(s) too, but start here)

    1(10): WR Garrett Wilson
    1(20): S/DB Dax Hill
    We trade up into the late 1st using Pit's 2nd and our 3rd:
    1(mid 20s): LB Nakobe Dean
    2: DE Arnold Ebeikite
    2: DT Travis Jones
    3: iOL Cole Strange
    4: OT Max Mitchell (or Rasheed Walker, Abraham Lucas, Braxton Jones)
    4: TE Jeremy Ruckert (Charlie Kolar or Jelani Woods)
    5: RB Tyler Allegier (or another RB if unavailable)
    5: WR Dontario Drummond (or another WR for depth and development)

    I like Garrett Wilson and think he'd be an immediate impact starter. I think Dax Hill is exactly what this defense needs and reminds me of Devin McCourty. I love Nakobe Dean also and think he'd be a phenomenal player in the middle of this defense.. DL is a big need but I like some of the Edges that should be around at the top of the 2nd and think Travis Jones is a nice fit to replace Foley. Then I want OL depth - Strange to take over for McGovern and an OT for depth/development and insurance for Becton. I want skill player depth after that
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  10. mrjet80

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    Sep 7, 2005
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    A lot of nice dream scenarios here ….. I think mine would pretty much be my original idea of a trade with the Eagles. After taking KT or Hutchinson with #4 (most likely KT) the Jets trade #10 to the Eagles (along with another later pick) for #15 and #19. (The Eagles want to trade up after falling in love with some player). Maybe Becton is included in the deal. But regardless with #15 and #19 the Jets take OT Trevor Penning and a big WR (whoever they like and still on the board whether it’s London, Burks , or even Williams.

    With the rest of their picks the Jets add a DT, another safety to pair with Whitehead, find a way to draft Muma, and get a good RB to pair with Carter along with other picks they deem fit.

    The Jets come out of the draft with a new natural EDGE rusher (finally), a new OT whether he starts this year or replaces Fant next year with familiarity on the Jets line, a new #1 WR, a run stuffing DT, a starting safety, a starting LB, and another RB to share duties with Carter to form a 1-2 punch.

    That’s my dream.
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  11. HC of the NYJ

    HC of the NYJ Member

    Nov 25, 2020
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    Charles Cross seems like the next DBrick? More finesse than mauler. Maybe best pass blocker in draft?
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  12. CotcheryFan

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    Jan 15, 2018
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    1. Getting Thibs at 4
    2. Trading down a bit from 10 and landing Lloyd or London
    3. Getting Ruckert in round 3
    4. Finishing up day 3 with a kicker
  13. ColoradoContrails

    ColoradoContrails Well-Known Member

    Nov 28, 2016
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    As usual Penny, great video, and great ideas! Of course I don't agree with everything you said, but on balance you've certainly provided food for thought.

    One thing that I question is how you would accomplish using pick 35 as you suggested for Linderbaum and then trading back into the first round for a WR? Could you explain how that could happen? If it could, I'd be all for it, but I don't think it can.

    I do agree that taking an Edge at 4 is the best plan, although I'm still unsure if Thibodeaux or Johnson should be the guy. Either way though it does simplify the rest of the draft.

    And while I want the best weapons for Zach, given how I think the draft will unfold, I think taking a stud like Sauce or Hamilton at 10 provides greater value than taking a WR given how many "stud" WRs will be available. Also, I'm holding out hope that Douglas is going to acquire an elite WR before the draft.

    I'm also beginning to believe/accept that they're going to head into the season counting on Becton to play one of the T spots. Worst case is that he can't for whatever reason, but they were able to have a somewhat decent OL when at full strength without him. But I agree with you that then drafting a highly rated OL in rounds 3-4 would be a necessity.

    So my no trade back "dream draft" would go:

    4 - Thibodeaux or Johnson
    10 - Lloyd - I'm taking the best LB because I don't think they need a CB or S as badly as they do a stud LB.
    35 - Trevor Penning OL - In my dream scenario JD has gotten his elite WR before the draft and thus opened things up. If necessary, I would trade either pick 35 or 38 plus another one to move back into the first round to get Penning who I think would be a great player for us.
    38 - Jaquan Brisker - S - I'm going against my natural instincts of taking a WR here because Brisker is too good to pass up, and in my "dream" I have some flexibility because we already have an elite WR added before the draft.
    69 - OK, time for my drafted WR: Watson, Pierce, or David Bell. All offer good size and while Bell isn't the fastest, he might be the best overall WR available with a combination of good hands, great route running and shiftiness, and toughness. I'd be happy with any one of these given they wouldn't have to step in and carry the burden of being the #1 WR right away, but might well become one in year 2 or 3.
    111 - Jelani Woods - TE. Can come in right away and contribute but doesn't have to have the pressure of being THE TE right away.
    117/146/163 - At this point I'd go with the BPA at DL, RB, CB, and possibly look for a PK with the #163.

    That's my "dream" draft.
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  14. James Hasty

    James Hasty Well-Known Member

    Feb 5, 2003
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    Jets 2022 Dream Draft:

    5 - Jets -- Kayvon Thibedeaux - DE (6.72 grade)
    14 - Jets - Derick Singley CB (6.50 grade)
    24 - Jets - Devonte Wyatt DT (6.35 grade)
    40 - Jets - Jaquan Brisker S (6.38 grade)
    51 - Jets - Breece Hall RB (6.38 grade)
    57 - Jets - Sky Moore WR (6.24 grade)
    146 - BAP

    2023 Picks

    First Rounder (Jets)
    Second Rounder (Jets)
    Fourth Rounder (Jets)
    Fourth Rounder (Bills)
    Fifth Rounder (Jets)
    Sixth Rounder (Jets)
    Sixth Rounder (Texans)
    Seventh Rounder (Jets)


    Jets trade # 4, 10, 117 & 146 for # 5 & 7
    Jets trade # 7 , 38 , 69 & 111 for # 15, 19, 51 & 166
    Jets trade # 15, 153 & 166 for # 14
    Jets trade # 19 & 2023 fifth round pick for # 24 & 88
    Jets trade # 35, 88 & 166 for # 40 & 72
    Jets trade # 72 & 2023 Third Round pick for # 57 & 2023 Fourth Round Pick

    Detailed Draft Picks # 1 - 57

    1 - Jaguars - Adian Hutchinson DE
    2 - Lions - Kyle Hamilston S
    3 - Texans - Evan Neal OT
    4 - Giants - Ikey Ekwonu OT (Jets trade # 4, 10, 117 & 146 for # 5 & 7)
    5 - Jets -- Kayvon Thibedeaux - DE
    6 - Panthers - Malik Willis - QB
    7 - Eagles - Travon Walker - DE (Jets trade # 7 , 38 , 69 & 111 for # 15, 19, 51 & 166)
    8 - Falcons - Sauce Gardener - CB
    9 - Seahawks - Charles Cross - OT
    10 - Giants - Jermaine Johnson - DE
    11 - Steelers - Kenny Pickett QB (Redskins trade # 11 for # 20 & 2023 First round pick)
    12 - Vikings - George Karaloftis DE
    13 - Texans - Garrett Wilson WR
    14 - Jets - Derick Singley CB (Jets trade # 15, 153 & 166 for # 14)
    15 - Ravens - Jordan Davis DT
    16 - Eagles - Matt Corrall QB
    17 - Chargers - rent McDuffie CB
    18 - Saints - Tyler Linderbaum C
    19 - Cowboys - Kenyon Green G (Jets trade # 19 & 2023 fifth round pick for # 24 & 88)
    20 - Redskins - Treylon Burks WR
    21 - Patriots - Devin Lloyd LB
    22 - Packers - Jameson Williams WR
    23 - Cardinals - Chris Olave WR
    24 - Jets - Devonte Wyatt DT
    25 - Bills - Andrew Booth CB
    26 - Titans - Trevor Penning OT
    27 - Buccaneers - Zion Johnson - OG
    28 - Packers - Nakobe Dean LB
    29 - Chiefs - Drake London WR
    30 - Chiefs - David Ojabo DE
    31 - Bengals - Kaair Elam CB
    32 - Lions - Desomnd Ridder - QB

    33 - Jaguars - Travis Jones DT
    34 - Lions - Boye Mafe DE
    35 - Seahawks - Kyler Gordon CB (Jets trade # 35, 88 & 166 for # 40 & 72)
    36 - Giants - Roger McCreary CB
    37 - Texans - Arnod Eibitekie DE
    38 - Eagles - Jahan Dotson WR
    39 - Bears - Christian Watson WR
    40 - Jets - Jaquan Brisker S
    41 - Seahawks - Bernard Raiman OT
    42 - Colts - George Pickens WR
    43 - Falcons - Dax Hill S
    44 - Browns - Phidarian Mathis DT
    45 - Ravens - Trey McBride TE
    46 - Vikings - Marvus Jones CB
    47 - Redskins -Sam Howell QB
    48 - Bears - Jalen Tolbert WR
    49 - Saints - Tyler Smith OL
    50 - Chiefs - Lewis Cine S
    51 - Jets - Breece Hall RB
    52 - Steelers - DeMarvin Leal DT
    53 - Packers - Daniel Faalele OT
    54 - Patriots - Nick Cross S
    55 - Cardinals - Kenneth Walker III RB
    56 - Cowboys - Sam Williams DE
    57 - Jets - Sky Moore WR - (Jets trade # 72 & 2023 Third Round pick for # 57 & 2023 Fourth Round Pick)
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  15. NCJetsfan

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    Dec 3, 2013
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    Some of you guys' dreams are the stuff of my nightmares LOL. No offense, but I hope that most of you don't even begin to see your dreams come true as regards this draft.

    We absolutely cannot afford to trade up again this year. That's one of the worst things a rebuilding team could possibly do and it's not the best way to build a team. If anything, we need to trade down after trading up last year. Tanny ruined a whole generation of Jets fans, and the sad thing is that some of you think what he did was ok, and you want to keep doing it. IMO that would be one of the worst possibly moves JD could make in this draft, and I hope to high heaven he doesn't trade up.

    My dream is that JD will maximize the draft capital and cap space the Jets have, pick the right players (no matter what any of us think about those players), that will help Zach develop into a FQB, become great players in the NFL in their own right, and take us to the promised land.
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  16. BacktoQueens

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    Mar 29, 2006
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    Johnson, Lloyd AND Penning?
    Sign me up please.

    I think Penning will go way before we’d be able to trade back into the first, but I love the thought of trying.

    Also agree with acquiring a starting WR before the draft, and then drafting a mid round one in addition.
    Mims is done, and Davis might be playing his last year here.
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  17. K'OB

    K'OB 2021 TGG Fantasy Football Champ

    Oct 18, 2016
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    You have some large complicated draft dreams lol
  18. JohnnyP123456

    JohnnyP123456 Well-Known Member

    Mar 14, 2014
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    this is something that happened on Connor Rogers latest guest mock draft, KT @ 4 and Ekwonu @10.
  19. KingRoach

    KingRoach Well-Known Member

    Sep 12, 2013
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    #4 Sauce CB
    #10 and #38 Trade for #15 and #19
    #15 JJ/Karlaftis DE
    #19 Zion Johnson C/IOL
    #35 And a 2023 2nd DK WR
    #69 Troy Anderson LB
    #111 Dameon Pierce RB
    #114 Jake Furgeson TE
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  20. abyzmul

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    My dream draft day.

    My dream draft day would begin with Queen Elizabeth II farting in my face as I awaken on a soft, luxurious bed of baby seal fur. There is the scent of jasmine in the air. And farts. I head to the shower, which of course is a full-scale replication of the waterfall from Land of the Lost. I daydream about the Marshalls flying over the edge in their canoe and smashing dead on the rocks below.

    When I'm done showering, I roll around in a horde of baby ducklings to dry myself. I walk into a booth and nanobots create clothes on my body in 3 seconds. I need to upgrade to the faster model. Onto breakfast.

    I step into the breakfast nook, which is a perfect replica of Antoine's in New Orleans, and eat Oysters Rockefeller. I then dump a pitcher of clotted cream over the head of my server, who is also the guy that cut me off on the highway the other day. I laugh in his face and head to the Balls Room.

    For an hour, I throw dodge balls at gymnasts from Cirque du Soleil as they try to perform their most death-defying acts. I head back to my bedroom to nano-change into some Jets-related duds, and grab another queen queef from Lilibet, then head out to the launch pad.

    As I'm climbing into The Great Glass Elevator from Willy Wonka, I feel a hand on my shoulder. It's Emily Blunt, and she must get a mustache ride before I go. I talk her into doing it on the way, nobody will see.

    When we're almost to the draft, or whatever the fuck they're doing this year, a UFO comes out of the clouds and lands on the steps of the draft, wherever the fuck it is. Giant green aliens step out and tell us that we have not proven capable of creating a civil and productive society, so now they are our overlords. And they are Jets fans, and for the next 100 years the Jets get the first 32 picks in the draft, and Bill Belichick must live the rest of his life by himself in a bubble on the moon.

    Then we'd all go get a slice.

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