This teams needs a philosophical overhaul from top to bottom

Discussion in 'New York Jets' started by GangGreen04, Oct 6, 2014.

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    We haven't had a legitimate passing offense since '98. Pennington was a nice QB and Sanchez to Braylon/Holmes was passable. However, the last time we had a QB in the mold of a Luck, Brady, Manning, Brees was Vinny chucking it around the field, an even with Vinny, he threw too many interceptions. Our team moniker is the Jets.

    There has to be an organizational shift towards throwing the football. The NFL is a passing league. Why is it so difficult for us to find a damn QB that can throw the ball and receivers that can catch it? Even bad teams like the browns and rams have decent passing attacks. Austin Davis had 300 yards passing and 2 TDs yesterday for the Rams. He started the season as their third string QB. He is not a good player. Yet he can complete passes. Every team in football seams to be able to do something that we haven't figured out 20 years running. This organization needs an overhaul from top to bottom.

    Yes Seattle won the superbowl last year with an exceptional defense, strong running game and no-name receivers. No one can deny, however, that Seattle was/is capable of moving the ball through the air, and does so through creativity and talent; a concept we cannot seem to grasp.
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    Understatement of the century.
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    no-one can model themselves on Seattle because no-one else has such an insane home field advantage as they do - compare their home record to their away record - if it wasn't for their ridiculous performances at home (in large part due to the noise factor) they wouldn't have come close to winning a SB
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    You know I was thinking something similar to this...

    the Jets are designed to shut down running teams but really how many are there left in the NFL, true run-first offenses?

    It's such a passing league and the Jets are really devoid of talent at the back 4 of their defense right now.

    Even on the other side of the ball, the Jets are primarily or want to be a run-first team...but lack the punch and big time playmakers at WR/RB right now.

    It's an interesting dynamic and while I feel Rex is a good coach, he maybe behind in the times right now.
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    It feels much worse cause we are on a losing streak... But I feel as if a couple wins would drag this negativity away. I don't think we have the team to do that though
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    You mean to tell me, Brian Schottenheimer used a 3rd string Qb to throw for 300 yards in a game? Everyone crucified Brian in NY because he couldn't milk a decent Qb out of Sanchez. Schotty was a better coordinator than we gave him credit for, now we a stuck in a similar rut with a different Qb and coordinator.
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    We need a change in direction. We can no longer ignore the offensive side of the ball. The talent on offense has diminished every year since 2008. It got a little better this year then it was last year but that's not saying much.

    We need a guy who is going to put a system in place, and then build from the bottom up. The Jets don't do that. There constantly changing coordinators, changing philosophy, changing players. You can't keep doing that and expect to have any type of success. We go from Edwards, Holmes, and Cotchery to Holmes, Burress, and Mason to Holmes, Hill, and Kerley to Decker, Kerley, and Nelson. We have to switch QB's because none of them are any good, but they never have any type of consistency around those players anyway. We go from Schotty, to Sparano, to Marty at the coordinator position. It's a mess. These are things bad teams do. Or it least teams with no clue on one side of the ball which is something the Jets have never had a clue about since Rex took over. And I like Rex, but I just think it's time to go in a more offensive focused direction. We have a good core of guys to build the defense around with SOA, Davis, Pryor, even Milliner (hopefully). But we are so lost on offense it's scary and the HC has to take some blame for that because this isn't an issue that just popped up. It's been this way forever.

    We go from being a ground and pound team, to a team that wants to air it out, back to a ground and pound team, and now I don't even know what we are. We have zero clue what we are doing on offense.
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    Good news! Woody and Mara put out their hard-earned money just for us fans so that the vendors can have a tremendous home field advantage!

    I've been to the stadium about five times since it opened and one things for sure, Verizon has a presence that they never had under Hess!
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    Our last offensive head coach was Rich Kotite.

    I expect to read the gist of that sentence in a beat writer article within the next 24 hours.
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    You mean a lot of people talking on the phone and texting because they can't stand to watch the game?
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    Looking back, it's hard to say if Richie K, the General Manager, purposely sabotaged Richie K, the coach, just so he could hire his own guy...
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