See you in March...

Discussion in 'New York Jets' started by MexJetinBcn, Jan 23, 2011.

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    I know what the forum is going to become in the next few hours/days/weeks. Self inflicted pain, recriminations, depression... I just want to say I'm really proud of how our team came back tonight, we came up short, but it was a hell of a demostration by Sanchez and co.

    It hurts A LOT, and if we hadn't gave away the first half we would have won easily but well... it's life, and the season was great. I'm not staying for the depressing, negative and moronic posts that will ensue, I'll be back in March when the news about the draft will again be positive and interesting and will try to read the good analysis that, I'm sure will be posted by the members that do know about football.

    See you then there, and GO JETS!

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