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    Kerry Rhodes's madden rating as a rookie

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    Kerry Rhodes: Draft Diary 3
    Madden ratings, and how life has changed since the draft.
    by Kerry Rhodes

    July 25, 2005 - As told to Jon Robinson

    A 68 overall. That's my rating in the new Madden. All I can say is, that's terrible. I'm going to be running around like a chicken with my head cut off with that 53 awareness rating they gave me. Oh my goodness. They always kill the rookies in the ratings. I think I'm a little bit better than a 68, but there's no justice for the rookies. All this does is inspire me to go out and play even harder. I'll deal with this rating for my first year, but after they watch a few games, they'll see. At least they gave me 87 speed. I can live with that.

    I have a lot to live up this year, not only for the real Jets, but for all of those Jets fans playing Madden. Just put me back at strong safety and put me in position to make plays. Hopefully my speed in the game will make up for the fact that the rest of my stats in the game are sorry.

    I'm a Madden fan, for real, though. I've been playing it for years and it will be a thrill to see myself in the game. That's one of my biggest pastimes, playing videogames. Me and Jonathan Vilma go at it all the time in the games?actually, we go at it all the time in everything. We're both really competitive. We just played pool tonight, and he got me pretty good, so I need to get him back tomorrow. I know once he finds out that he's an 88 overall in Madden, he'll really start to talk some trash, but all I have to say is that Louisville is ranked higher than Miami right now in the preseason rankings. You read that Vilma? Louisville is ranked higher than Miami. Gotta love it.

    It's funny to hear about all the videogame ratings, think about people playing as me in Madden, or even talking about me playing for the Jets. Ever since the draft, it's like everything has changed. All of a sudden I have a lot more friends, I have a couple new cousins around that I didn't know about, and a lot of people coming out of nowhere thinking they're my new best friends. I don't put myself into that type of crowd or negative situations, though. I try to hang around with the people I'm already comfortable with, some family members, and that's it?minus the new cousins I didn't know about of course.

    The Top 5
    Since I have Madden on my mind so much right now, I thought I'd breakdown my top five videogames of all time.

    1. NBA Live 2005: Nobody has ever been able to do the slam dunk contest right until now, and it's one of those games I just can't stop playing.

    2. Madden NFL 06: I've been addicted to this game for years, and now that I'm in it, it moves up a notch in my book. Actually, it just moved up 68 points.

    3. Super Mario Bros.: I played this game all the time. It's the game that really got me hooked on Nintendo.

    4. Super Contra: Most of the games back in the day were single player, but Contra let you play with a friend, and I just love everything about the game.

    5. Top Spin: This is the game I played in my dorm all the time. It doesn't get more addictive than this tennis game. I can't wait for the sequel.

    That's it for my latest column. Thanks for reading, and as a bonus, here is a link to all of the Jets ratings in Madden NFL 06: Madden Ratings
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    hes now an 88, talk about improvement.

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