PSL resale market. Is it even a thing anymore?

Discussion in 'Buy/Sell Tickets' started by LogeSection2RowJ, Mar 7, 2023.

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    Unfortunately a buddy of mine is letting go of his tickets by defaulting on his payments. Very sad. He's a single guy with two seats, has gone to games since they moved to Jersey in '84 and foolishly paid the PSL etc etc. Now he's older, has trouble finding someone to go with him, and of course the ticket price keeps going up and he has no recourse thanks to the PSL. He just wants to support his team. Tough to afford now. Yeah, he's been taken advantage of by Marra/ Tisch/Johnson.

    Anyway, is there ANY market for PSL's now? It's paid off. I suspect not but figured I'd ask out loud. If he sells it for anything it'll keep him out of legal crap from the Jets. His seats are in the corner, lower level about 9 rows up.

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