Planetside 2

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    Has anyone played this game yet? It is a MMO FPS ( Massivly Multiplayer Online First Person Shooter)
    There are e3 Continents per server
    2000 users per cont.
    6000 users per Server

    Ground Vehicles, Armored bus Transport, Tanks & 2 seater tanks
    Air Vehicles Air bus, And other Air vehicles ( Single seat and triple )

    The game is extrememly fun and aggravating all the same if you love FPS's and are looking for a in-depth shooter with more then just a gun you should defiently check it out.

    If your looking for a Squad or Platoon to Roam with I have ties with a gaming community if anyone is interested in joining a PC community for online games Shoot me a PM i am unsure if i can post links promoting other sites

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