One Man's Suggestion of Cuts that Could Be Made

Discussion in 'New York Jets' started by joelip, Jul 24, 2021.

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    I don't think I agree with some of the proposed cuts in this article, but they are thought provoking:

    Hardest cuts from Jets’ pre-training camp 53-man roster prediction (

    QB Hard to disagree that White will be cut; the real question is whether the Jets will get an experienced backup

    RB My guess is that if they keep only 3, it'll be Perine who gets cut, not Coleman

    WR I agree that Berrios makes it over these guys because he's more polished and plays special teams; however, I think a couple of these guys should be kept on the practice squad (the two Smith's?)

    TE Again, I have to agree because it doesn't sound like Yeboah is ready, and reports indicate that Griffin has developed some chemistry with Wilson

    OL I don't agree at all that McDermott beats out GVR; GVR has some history of adequate starting ability in the NFL, which is more than McDermott (though versatile) can say

    DE The Jets' defense will be heavily dependent upon getting a good pass rush, so I don't think they cut Huff

    LB I can't disagree that all these guys will be cut

    CB Ditto, can't disagree that all these guys will be cut

    S I think Neasman has a good chance of making it, reports say that he's an experienced, decent safety and a good special teamer
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    I think Coleman will make the team and possibly be the Week 1 starter at RB. Kenny Yeboah would be a great story at TE, but he has a tough battle to make the team. If not, hope he goes to the Practice Squad.

    The WR's really are interesting. I like Jeff Smith. Tough to find space with players like Davis, Mims, Crowder, Moore and Cole. Solid 5 right there. Berrios might not have a spot if one of those other guys step up. Should be a fun camp battle.
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    I honestly like Yeboah....I hope he makes the team. :)
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    I think the guy who came up with the cuts is nuts. My take is as follows:

    QB - White goes to the PS

    RB - I think they keep 4. I think Coleman is the starter early. Walter, and either Adams or Perine get cut. I hope that Adams makes it over Perine.

    WR - I think the Jets keep 6 WRs, and that Berrios makes it as #6. I hope that Jeff Smith and Cager make it to the PS.

    TE - Hopefully, Brown will be cut even though he is good on STs. Surely there will be someone that can replace him on STs. I'll be shocked if Yeboah makes the team, but hope he does. He may not clear waivers. I won't be shocked if Herndon gets cut. Right now I think Kroft is the starter and Griffin the backup.

    OL - I'll be shocked if GVR gets cut. I think he will be the starter at RG, although Lewis might beat him out. I don't think it would be McDermott under any circumstance. Hopefully, Hoge goes to the PS. Edoga can kick rocks.

    DE - I see no way that either Blair or Huff are cut. Huff showed a lot more last year than Zuniga. Phillips is still injured. He could go to PUP or IR. If Dwumfour and Tanzel Smart continue to look good in TC hopefully they go to the PS.

    LB - Eifler has looked pretty good and is a tackling machine, or was in college. I think we need to keep more than 4 LBs. I think Eifler could make the team.

    CB - I don't disagree with his cuts here.

    S - I can't argue here, either, especially with Nasirildeen and Sherwood each of whom can play S. Maybe Neasman can go to the PS.

    K - I hope it's Ficken that's cut. I'm really rooting for Naggar. I think he has more potential, a stronger leg, and more talent. What he can do with those trick kicks is amazing. He should be able to parlay that into accuracy.
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    I like Berrios as a chain mover, he'll never be the huge endzone threat that a monster like Mims is but he has decent enough hands, a fantastic short area burst and runs crisp routes, the guy just gets open. Most of our passing first downs will probably be distributed between him, Moore and Crowder.

    Cager might not make it on the PS unless he has a real awakening in camp.

    I'll be surprised if Perine goes, he's a Douglas guy and wasn't complete dog crap when he played, I think Adams gets edged out here. Sucks because I know he's better than Coleman at this point. Adams will probably be a victim of bad perceived scheme fit.

    Yeboah is hopefully going to make the final 53. They pushed hard to bring him in and the Jets have a very lukewarm TE room. Some new young blood could do them good. Herndon feels like a surprise cut to me.

    I can also see Cashman going, the guy is a china doll. If they're keeping 5 LB they will need one guy that can sub for all 3 positions, I think it would be Del'Shawn Phillips, although Eifler is interesting. If they keep 4 then that means they are comfortable using the lesser of Hamsah and Sherwood in that role. Then again it's probably more likely they find that backup guy during August cutdowns.
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    I agree about Cager. It was more just hope on my part because of his height and I hated that he got hurt last year and didn't have a chance to make a mark. He isn't really a scheme fit, and we have Kroft, Mims and Davis for those types of catches. I hope whomever they keep will be able to seriously contribute if ever called upon. I like Jeff Smith's potential since he is so elusive and fast and could be a great scheme fit.

    I agree that Perine probably stays if for no other reason than he was just drafted last year. I read somewhere, but don't know if it's true, that he supposedly has more power than the others, so could be their "power back" if needed. Question: Why do you think Adams would be a bad scheme fit?

    I'm really rooting for Yeboah. He could be a keeper in this scheme if he can learn the offense and improve his blocking. I'm not sure he'd make it to the PS, either.

    It wouldn't surprise me to see both Herndon and Cashman gone. JD has no tie to either. They were Mac picks so if they can't stay healthy or Herndon can't learn the offense and catch the ball, then they should be gone. Good call on Phillips.

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