Olaus Alinen, Finnish OL prospect commits to Alabama

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    Alinen is in highschool at Loomis Chaffee, starting his last year there. I have no idea if the school's football program is traditionally any good or have they ever produced players to the NFL before. I think he's the first Finnish player to try this route, proper route if I may add, to get to the NFL. There's been few who has had try-outs, one or two even got to training camp, but none has been included in the roster, his father being one of them.

    He was a 4-star recruit, had over 40 offers which he narrowed down to 5; Alabama, Oregon, Ohio, Miami and Georgia; and chose arguably the best program there is in Alabama today.

    Hopefully he keeps working hard and continues to develop and eventually get drafted to the NFL.
    Only bad thing about him is that he's a Browns fan :D
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