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Discussion in 'National Football League' started by Jets OG fan, May 24, 2023.

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    This is an AWFUL rule change. If you want to eliminate the kickoff, then just eliminate it.

    I said this back when they first moved the kickoff forward and changed it to the 25 yard line. Pretending like most injuries happen on kickoff returns is flat out laughable. These guys are idiots. How many decades did they pretend concussions don't exist?

    This won't reduce injuries at all. Fair catches will still be fair catches, they just get the ball on the 25 instead of where they caught it, which makes the kickoff completely irrelevant now.

    Just give the team the ball on the 20, why even go through the motions? You'll save tons of time and the game will move faster.

    By the NFL's logic, we might as well get rid of the running game, since so many injuries happen in it.
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    I think they are probably trying to eliminate kickoffs altogether, but they have to render them useless because the NFLPA will throw a fit.
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