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    1a-Mario Williams DE NC State - If he plays up to his potential he will wind up being a clear upgrade over JAbe. While he will excel in the 4-3, he has enough size to hold his own in the 3-4.

    1b-Eric Winston OT Miami/Marcus McNeill OT Auburn - I will gladly take whoever is available. Both are big and strong - a nice fit for the right side of our line.

    2-Max Jean Gilles OG Georgia - Mammoth guard. Between this pick and the last - the run game should be vastly improved.

    3a-Rocky McIntosh OLB Miami - A versatile athlete that could line up at multiple LB spots along with special teams. I'd be thrilled to pick him up here.

    3b-Leon Washington RB Florida State - A bit on the small side. Doubts exist that he can carry a full RB load. I am content to take him as a HR threat, special teamer and eventual 3rd down back(very good hands and at picking up the blitz).

    4a-Will Blackmon WR Boston College - A definite project. He has a world of athletic talent and room to grow as his senior season was his 1st as a full time WR. Will contribute on special teams immediately.

    4b-A.J. Nicholson OLB FLorida State - serious character concerns - but the upside is there. Give him a shot to mature - if not it was a calculated risk.

    5-Ryan Cook OC New Mexico - I'd imagine that he'd compete with Moore at guard. Needs some seasoning before he'd be ready to make the calls for the line.

    In this draft we'd pick up some great talent - especially in the trenches. Winston and Gilles should start from day 1 with Cook competing. Those three are all a step in the "Big Beefy Lineman" direction. Just my particular taste. Love those grind it out teams in the mold of Pittsburgh.

    Washington and Blackmon are both high risk/high reward type guys. They contribute some gamebreaking/playmaking potential. They are both multidimensional and will offer Schott some room for creativity.

    Mangini should be able to utilize the OLB's in different fronts. They are very talented and could pitch in varying situations with starting potential down the line.
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