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Discussion in 'Video Games' started by ButtleMan, Nov 10, 2008.

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    I decided to get Madden for the Wii this year since I dont have a 360 or ps3 yet and while I am finding it challenging so far there were a few things that I had questions about.
    There isnt a Madden IQ test for the Wii. I didnt see it when I turned the game on, when I made a profile, before I started a game or when I started a franchise.
    No Madden cards or acheivements. None at all.
    Did they not include either of these items for the Wii version?
    Also this is regular play, not online.
    I did change some of the sliders but am still working on them to get a better game.

    Any other thoughts about the Wii version, put them here.
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    I think it´s horrible, I didn´t make it throu one full season. The game is way too easy, I play at all madden, and switched all the sliders to make it as hard as possible but it´s still not really a challange, and I don´t consider myself that good. On the other version, I´m really having a hard time on all-madden. I mean what´s the point in including 4 dificultys to a game, when neither ist really challangeing? It can get pretty frustating, when you have 2 DL come throu unblocked on 3 consecutive plays, but that´s not the kind of difficulty a Footballgame should have.

    I couldn´t get a Onlinegame to work at all.

    The animations look really shitty, I understand, that the Wii doesn´t have the hardware power of the PS3 or 360, but you could definitly put more love into the details, I mean there are only about 3 playermodels, DBrick looks like 500 lbs.

    I can´t switch to a DB to make a pick, when the ball is in the air, because everytime I try, insead of going for the Football, the DB tackles the Reciever and i get called for PI, but maybe that´s just my lack of skills or something.

    I hate EA for always fucking up some little things, that seem so obvious and easy to fix, but kill all the fun. I really wonder if they play the game before they sell it. And I really don´t understand how you can give this game a 80-90% rating.

    Without the 5-on-5 mode, which is fun to play with my non footballfan buddies, I would have sold it a week after i bought it.

    And no, they didn´t include any of those features.

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