Lifelong Jets introducing Angry Fog Outfitters

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    Sep 16, 2004
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    I am long time member, not very active poster here. We shamelessly plugged our new endeavor on the plug your business page and Brook suggested that we come over here and start another post.

    We just launched a business selling outdoor inspired tees, apparel and other accessories. Please take a look at our webpage and let me know your thoughts. I'm looking for honest feedback and suggestions as this endeavor is new to our team. Here is the site:

    If you like the products they are available for sale on the website. Im not hear to hawk the products, just want real honest feedback. If you are inclined to purchase something, Thank you!!! This weekend I will go in and add a coupon code for my gang green family. Once it is posted I will let you all know. Again Thanks.
    -Angry Dog Outfitters

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