LEFT 4 DEAD 2 is currently FREE (Dec25-26)

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    LEFT 4 DEAD 2 is currently FREE (Dec25-26) CLOSE THREAD

    Left4Dead2 is currently free on STEAM to download. Even if you dont have a gaming pc, you can Download the game to your account to be saved and downloadable later be it on a pc you choose to upgrade later or on the future STEAM console. Create a free account, add game to library, profit!:metal: Heck, most likely a PC built in the last 2 years should be able to run this game just fine with integrated graphics.

    Servers are being overloaded as of this post.

    Works on WINDOWS, LINUX and MAC.

    SOURCE : To celebrate the holidays in a special way this year, Left 4 Dead 2 will be free until 10AM PST 12/26.

    It will be free as in, grab it now, pay no money, and it is yours to keep forever – FOR FREE!

    To claim your L4D2 gift, all you need to do is install it.

    If you don’t install, it goes back to its regular price and you miss out! The zombie apocalypse is more fun with friends so make sure to tell all your mates to install it as well.

    To help spread the holiday cheer, all current players can earn the achievement – Ghost of Christmas Present – Spread cheer by helping a free holiday player survive a campaign.

    Left 4 Dead 2 is filled with so much content where do you start?

    To avoid any grinches, we suggest jumping into campaign mode and get the basics down before moving into the competitive modes.

    You can also check out some guides, read the forums and ask questions, check out some art, read the comic, watch some movies, and most importantly have fun!

    Some other quick tips:

    Before the game: HOOK UP YOUR MICROPHONE! Communication is important in L4D2. Make sure you can keep in contact with your teammates.

    In Game: stay with your teammates. L4D2 is all about teamwork and leaving your dentist friend behind to go off on your own will only get you killed. It doesn't matter that you glow!

    Post Game: Make friends. If you are having fun with a group, send them friend invites or join a common group.

    And there is more!

    You can listen to the Midnight Riders. Download and vote on Workshop items. Dive into the modding tools,and create your own items for the workshop including the scripts for the Extended Mutation System.

    Welcome to Left 4 Dead and Happy Holidays!
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    It's a great game. Nice campaign and a lot of replay value.

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