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Discussion in 'Jets Experience' started by TheSnake71, Jan 22, 2021.

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    Not sure if this is the right spot to post this... but here it goes...

    I have two Jets rewards items that I won and now I don't really have a spot for them in my space. One is a Marshall & Decker painting signed by both... the other is a large (3' x 5') Lev Bell banner that hung in One Jets Drive building.

    I could try to sell them, but I think I'd rather just pass them onto a fan here. See the pictures below.

    First come first served... but preference to those who can pick them up as I don't really feel like shipping. I'm in New Vernon (near Morristown, about 10 minutes from the Jets building in Florham Park).

    Hit me up if interested...


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    Hey bud. Madison, NJ resident here. I can take these off of your hands. We can meet at the Starbucks on Shunpike road right across Shoprite and next to the ACE Store.

    Let me know.

    Will PM you my cell.

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