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Discussion in 'Draft' started by JetsUK, Feb 7, 2012.

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    Until I got an ESPN America sub last year I had not really seen much college football and so had to rely on draft sites etc to give me information about players, so my knowledge of what different programs are like was (and really still is) very slim.

    Anyway, I often see comments like "WRs from this college always suck" or "Des from this program are good" and wanted to understand whether this is really the case - given the high turnover of players can you really form views as to the quality of players coming from a program just based on the program?

    If you can then what is it based on? coaching? recruiters? play in that conference leading to certain styles?
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    I think you have brought up a good point how scouts, coaches and general fans base their opinions of certain players and the schools they attend.

    I think there are 2 sides to the equation!

    IMO, you have to be careful stereotyping players from certain schools. While there is some validity the certain schools have had success with players at specific positons in the NFL, Ex: Penn St Linebackers, and weak players EX: Florida Wide receivers.

    When a school gets a reputation of producing excellent players at a certain position it creates momentum and good players want to part of their program by their recent success. That school probably has an outstanding position coach and he understand how develop players to be successful in the NFL.

    You also have to understand just because a player is from a school that produces great NFL players, there is no guarantee that player is going to be "Elite'.

    I try not to be biased when evaulating players from a school, but in has to be in the back of your mind when evaulating a player.

    Clemson has had some very good players that fit well in their system but have not produced in the NFL. When I look at a player from Clemson, I understand the School's weakness in developing NFL players. Over the years, I think Clemson has not focused on developing their players on and off the field for their future, so the coaching staff has to take some blame.

    I would consider a player from Clemson if I felt he was a hard worker, had good character and could develop in the NFL.

    Overall, I try to look at the player on an individual basis, but take into consideration their program , coaching and their work habits.
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    Generalities mean nothing otherwise how can you explain Chrebet and Colsten coming from Hofstra. There are lots of gems in lousy football schools, you just need a decent GM to find them.
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    I would bet almost anything that such claims are pretty meaningless. The reason teams keep drafting guys from programs that have produced a lot of busts is that it's a recipe to miss out on some top talent when the guys from that program do work out.

    Don't read too much into it.

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