Former Browns QB Bernie Kosar reveals Parkinson's & liver disease

Discussion in 'National Football League' started by GREG, Jul 9, 2024.

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    That's a tough break. He'll always be remembered in Jetland for the late hit/RTP call on Gastineau. :/ By all accounts, Bernie Kosar is a nice person who got into a lot of financial difficulty. I felt really sorry for him some years ago when it came out his daughter was doing porn. I didn't think it was funny how upset and embarrassed he was.

    I hope he gets his liver transplant, but he may get "passed over" for someone who is younger and/or doesn't have a co-morbidity. It's a federal system with protocols that vary by state, but once you're on the list they can't bump you out of the way if there's a match . . . TECHNICALLY.

    This is a classic case of state protocol that he will "90%" need a liver, but he did get on the list, which is good. Getting on the list and qualifying is half the battle. For instance, why does he have cirrhosis in the first place. What I'm trying to say is that there are 12 year olds with late stage liver disease who have never had a drink in their lives. So, it is needs based, but also very complicated.

    A living donor for a liver who matches that is willing to do it (family doesn't match as easily as people think, but the odds are much better) or a Hep C liver (I can explain that). I know a lot about how organ donation works, if anyone has any questions.


    I am asking everyone to become an organ donor on their DL if they aren't. It's not a huge deal. You can't take it with you, as they say. It saves lives and at the very least, eyesight. They can always find something to use. My SIL has two corneal transplants. She was this close to being legally blind.

    Unless you have some odd deep stupid religious convictions and weirdness about it, do it. It's how my friend got new lungs at zero hour. She would not be here. Big party in April 2025 in NYC for 25th Transplant Anniversary.

    Public Service Announcement, ha.
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