Brandon Marshall Giveth and Brandon Marshall Taketh Away

Discussion in 'New York Jets' started by Br4d, Oct 18, 2015.

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    He got the ball ripped out trying to get yards it happens. Now the lateral he fumbled the other game is a different story but my money is on him never doing that again.
  2. Br4d

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    This is the second time he's had a ball ripped out trying to get yards. That's what I meant about playing within his limitations. If he has a ball security issue after the catch, which he clearly does, he needs to figure out how to secure the ball so it won't get ripped out. This isn't Marshall carrying the ball like a loaf of bread. Something else is going on because both fumbles were situations right after the catch where he already had the ball in tight and it got stripped anyway.

    I'm guessing, and it's just a guess, that he has a moment of weakness with concentration right after a tight catch and that's what the DB's are exploiting. Marshall's already thinking a step ahead up the field and the DB is thinking ball, ball, ball. Marshall's gotta be thinking ball, ball, ball as he takes that first step.

    The lateral thing is something that is also in that weakness with concentration category. Nobody in their right mind gives up the ball willingly like that except on the last play of the game. He needs to never have that thought go through his head when he's being tackled, except when the Jets are going to lose the game on the play if he doesn't lateral it. That's all about concentration.
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    The OP's point is that he was in complete control of both of those plays. He didn't catch the ball run 3 steps and get whacked which is a lot more of a reasonable situation to fumble in. I think the point is that Marshall needs to learn when it's time to live to fight another day. Broadcasters and analysts have pointed out that flaw in his game in that he wants to turn every play into a touchdown.

    It's a great mentality in theory but its not logical or practical. Football is as much about knowing your limitations as it is exceeding them. I think the point is that he can't be doing things like this against good teams or we'll have no chance. We already lost versus the Eagles by one possession in which they scored on his lateral hmm.

    He's never a guy you'll complain about effort or heart though and that's great for moral.
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    He made up for his fumble by bailing out Fitz on a horrid throw......
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    Marshall may make a mistake here or there, and the occasional boneheaded decision, but he is a phenomenal player and as talented as we have ever had at the position. I have a hard time criticizing such an elite player because every player, even the best of the best, makes mistakes. It's football, it happens. You can't teach that play Marshall made for the TD today, you either have that natural talent or you don't. Marshall is a rare talent. With him, Ivory, and Revis, we have the simple ability this season to just out-talent the opponent with our elite guys. Basically, we have those players, and most opponents do not. Sometimes winning and losing is as simple as that.
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    Marshall has been everything and more. He has made several amazing plays and his down the field run blocking has helped Ivory spring several long runs. Dude's a beast and a top receiver in this league. Not to mention that his arrival moved Decker down a peg and has allowed him to dominate as well. This is easily one of the most talented offenses we have had in a while.
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    I love Brandon Marshall. He makes WAY more ridiculous plays then he does boneheaded ones. We haven't had a receiver like him since KJ. I'll take the miscues with the circus catches and sleep at night just fine for a change.
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    remember in the offseason when our board experts were telling us all how B Marsh is washed up. made me LOL then and makes me LOL now.

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