Are Professional Athletes starting to "Get It"?

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    I was taken aback by a couple of quotes by two professional athletes this week. The first came from former Jet Geno Smith after signing his new, lucrative contract FULL ARTICLE HERE

    " At one point in a wide-ranging news conference Thursday during which Smith spoke more than 2,500 words, he was asked how he handled his time as a backup, left to wonder if he’d ever get another chance to start.

    Smith said he knew he had to learn patience and believe that things would eventually work out.

    Was that tough, Smith was asked?

    “I can’t say it was tough because I have been so blessed,” he said. “Honestly, my tough times would be a dream to someone else. I never will look at it as something that was too hard for me or really tough because throughout that time, I was still enjoying my life and still in the NFL." "

    Then, Last night, after a Knicks loss, Josh Hart was asked if fatigue was an issue for the loss FULL ARTICLE HERE

    “I don’t think we can blame this on fatigue,” Hart said in a video going viral on social media. “It’s a reality. But the reality also is, our job is to play basketball.”

    “You got people getting up at 6 a.m. doing 12-hour shifts. Those guys are tired,” he continued. “For us, we’re playing a game. And obviously, we’re fortunate to play a game like this, but we have to keep that in perspective.”

    Could we be looking at the dawn of a new era, where professional athletes while deserving of reaping the rewards for their efforts are also humble and capable of putting their success in perspective?
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    Next thing you know, random idiots on the internet are going to "get it." Wouldn't THAT be some shit?

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